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pkUsage – Manage/Track Usage v5.16 (Pro) Apk

App Usage – Manage Track Usage (Pro Modded SAP) APK

App Usage is the simplest but also the most powerful App Manager.

It offers the following features:

– Application usage history: collects the usage time of the apps you open.
– Phone consultation history: collects the number of times you consult your phone.
– Activity history: records the times when applications are opened.
– Overuse reminder: Notifies you when you spend a lot of time on your phone or apps.
– Most used apps: displays the most used apps in widgets or in a notification.
– Notification history: shows the time when apps posted notifications.
– Battery history: displays the battery usage graph.
– Lock mode: lock app settings and overuse reminder options with a PIN code

Due to Android limitations, the use of an app can only be recorded if you open it and the screen is on.


This feature generates a list of the time of use of the applications, sorted according to your preferences. This information can help you determine which applications to uninstall because they have not been used for a long time. It can also let you know if an application has been used by third parties.


This feature displays the number of daily consultations in the form of a Diagram or in an Agenda.


This feature displays the times and durations of opening applications, in a timeline or in a Calendar.


This feature sends you notifications to let you know that you are spending a lot of time on your phone or on an app.


This feature displays a list of the most used apps in widgets or in a system notification. It’s a convenient way to quickly launch the apps you use the most.


♠ Use of the phone / of an application, history of activity and consultation.
♦ Daily use, overuse reminder.
♠ Most used applications.
♦ Application installation history.
♠ Notification on application installations.
♦ Keep track of uninstalled apps for reinstalling later.
♠ Batch uninstallation of applications.
♦ Root uninstallation, uninstallation of an application in 1 click on a rooted device.
♠ Added personal notes on each application.
♦ Sort applications by name, time of use, number of launches, date updated or size.
♠ Applications in a multi-column view.
♦ Batch deletion, cache or application data.
♠ Easy search for apps by their names.

This app collects location data to enable the location history function even when the app is closed or not in use.

Your privacy is very important to us. We understand this problem and we do not collect or sell your usage data.

We were selected as a Google I / O 2011 Developer Sandbox partner, for our innovative design and advanced technology.



Unlocked Pro Features
Analytics removed
Support for arm64_v8a, armeabi_v7a, x86, x86_64
Compression flags intact
No third party patch / library


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