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Planta Keep your plants alive v2.14.3 (Premium)

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Join 2 million users and 8 million plants on the journey to keep plants alive!
Let Planta help you achieve impressive and thriving plants:

– Smart Care reminders

Don’t know when it’s time to water your plants? Planta knows when! Based on which plant, where in the world, the weather, the light in the room and more. Just add them to the app and get notified when it’s time to water, fertilize, spray, clean (yes that’s one thing) and repot!

– Step by step guides

Do you like plants but don’t have a green thumb? If so, you can use the easy step-by-step care instructions on how to take care of your green friends. 2 million users keep their plants alive every week!

– A photometer will help you find plants for every corner of your house

Do you want to install a plant in a bathroom without windows?
Some plants prefer shade and some love the sun. Get to know which plants are right for your home based on the different lighting conditions in your rooms. 8 million plants have already found their place in their homes!

– Plant recommendations – based on your skills

Let Planta know how knowledgeable and committed you are in plant care to get recommendations based on you. And yes, you can grow more than a cactus!

– Plant identification

Maybe you don’t know which plant you own? You can just take a picture of it and we’ll let you know instantly. With the Planta plant scanner you can scan all your houseplants to know the names of the plants and how to care for them.

– All the info – just to be sur

Maybe you’re good at caring for plants, but you just want to make sure you’re doing everything right. Find out all you need to know about what your green companions prefer!

– Plant diary

Track the progress of your plants and yours! Is your thumb getting greener? Add photos and short texts to your plants to see how they grow, remind you when they flowered or just keep track of it. Keeping a plant journal is a perfect way to see if your plant likes the way you treat it!


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