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Postflop+ GTO Poker Trainer For No Limit Holdem v4.4.1.213 (Pro) Apk


Postflop+ is the best upswing poker dto training app for studying GTO methodologies post-flop. We have taken millions of PIO solved dto simulation spots and presented the results in our sleek and effective upswing training tools. Postflop+ lets you train the way you play perfect upswing GTO DTO poker.

Just pick a PIO solved spot and hit play. Postflop+ will then present you with a hand and lets you make upswing GTO decisions given the formation action etc. Once you choose an action you get immediate dto feedback optimal frequency to bet/check and optimal sizing to use. The answer is based on high accuracy solves that is run and available ready to go!

Some of the features included but not limited to are:

– Gives you exact GTO ranges frequencies bet sizings and EV loss/gain for every spot.
– Millions of PIO solved spots to train with
– The app is fun and easy to use and navigate in its dto form.
– New Spots added all the time. P.S: Checkout our upcoming spots section. Need a specific spot to be solved. No worries. Just email us at info@craftywheel.com
– World-class support to answer all your questions.
– Practice GTO on the go when you are commuting waiting in the queue or at work!
– 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Must have app for serious poker players! Don’t miss out. Get it now!

We are continuously working on the app to keep it up-to-date and adding more solves as we get them done. If you do have any suggestions or feature request please email us on info@craftywheel.com

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