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Price Tracker for Amazon v2.3.0 (Pro) Apk

Price Tracker for Amazon helps you save money by tracking / checking the prices of desired items and alerting you when they drop via quick notifications. Notifications for this Amazon price tracker can be set to generate whenever lower prices are detected, or when prices drop to or below a specified target price.

Price Tracker for Amazon provides the ability to track items from the following Amazon sites / locales:

– www.amazon.com
– www.amazon.co.uk
– www.amazon.com.mx
– www.amazon.ca
– www.amazon.de
– www.amazon.es
– www.amazon.fr
– www.amazon.it
– www.amazon.com.br

This Amazon price tracker includes the following features:

– Monitoring of item prices
– Integrated browser for quick and easy item search and import
– Notifications / alerts for prices below target
– Lower price notifications / alerts
– Import of wishlist
– Import sharing of browser elements
– Amazon application element share import
– History of price changes
– Exceptional product support

To save money. Be happy.

Stop wasting time and money! Download Price Tracker for Amazon today and start saving !!!


Pro features Unlocked

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