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Protect File Pro – Lock and Send File-En/De v9.0.0 (Paid) APK

File Protect is a useful application to protect your files of all types (photos, videos, audios, photos, XXX-content, * .doc, * .docx, * .ppt, .pptx *, * .xls, * .pdf, * .gif, * .jpg, * .bmp, * .png, * .mp4, .avi and other files). To protect a file encryption algorithm use by using a password. Protect File is optimized for fast use.

Common properties:

1.protect the selected file – Encrypt / decrypt (MENU-From / ENCRYPTION),
2. Send the -send file by e-mail (MENU-EXPORT),
3. Erase / delete (MENU-ERASE).


(Encrypt steps):

1.turn the app on,
2. Select the file,
3. menu of a stream and click on “crypt file”,
4.send the file (e-mail),
5. deactivate the application off.

(Decipher steps):

1.turn the app on,
2. Select the encrypted file,
3. Display the stream menu and click on “Decrypt file”,
4. deactivate the application off.


– easy to use,
– all support for Android devices (optimized for smart phones and tablets),
– friendly user interface,
– intuitive user control,
– minimalist design,
– performance optimization,
– unlimited number of files can be protected,
– very quick to use.


– the state of the access network
– the Internet
– external storage
– vibrate
– Google services
– user directory


There is no password recovery procedure because the password is not stored anywhere.
Keep in mind not to edit the encrypted files manually, as the application will not be able to restore the original file. File remains corrupted.


– 16.10.2017 – Addition of shortcuts to the public directory (photo, documents, …)
– 05/27/2018 – new options: login dialog, password protected, hide password
– updated design
-14.06.2018 – adjustable shortcut buttons – long hold press on the button


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