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Psychological Tests APK v7.7.3 (Premium)

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Psychological Test MOD APK covers a large number of human mental state tests and problems from all over the world and starts generating some of the best questions in some aspects of human life. The app acts like a virtual therapist, sometimes coming up with great ways to calm the user and keep the pace of life.

Psychological Tests Features:
🔥 Completely free psychological tests
🌐 Ability to choose the language
⌛ Date of passing exams with their results

Do you have a free minute? Take a look at the app and discover the best aspects of your personality, whether your nerves are in order, or more about your relationship with the opposite sex. We have over 100 tests divided into 9 categories, here are the most exciting ones:

🙂 letter
• Assinger’s psychological test (assessment of aggressiveness)
• Eysenck temperament test
• Sigmund Freud test
• Beck’s depression inventory
• Test for your main flaw
• Test of the main hemisphere
• Test for the type of charisma
• Personal assessment
• A test of leadership qualities

❤️ relationship
• A test to see if your relationship will last for a long time?
• Falling in love or affection?
• Do you understand the opposite sex?
• Assessment of jealousy
• Does he/she love me?
• Accreditation evaluation

🏄 life
• Test for purpose
• Allergy test
• Sociability test
• Can you force yourself to be respected?
• Test what other people like
• Test time management skills

👨‍💻 Career
• T. Ehlers test for motivation to succeed
• Novice Millionaire Test
• Test your dream job
• To be or not to be your business?
• Leave or stay?

👉👌 sex
• What is your sexual mood?
• A test of your need for sex
• What excites you?
• How does the brain control your sexual life?

🧠 brain
• Expression of intelligence test
• Test of erudition

👪 family
• Is your marriage successful?
• Who does your child think you are?
• How do you feel about your parents?

🇯🇵 КОКОTESTS (Japanese tests consist of one question)
• Blue bird
• Whispers in the dark
• It got heavy in the rain

📖 other
• Check blood type
Sixth sense test
• A test for special talents
• What is the right car for you?
• Assessment of biological age

If you know and understand your character, you can always use the best qualities of your character. And our free psychological tests will try to help you with this!

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