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Puffer: Privacy protection for Android 0.40Stable (Full) (Paid) APK

Puffer protects you from the malware trackers and malware found throughout the Android ecosystem with just one click.

Puffer works by installing itself as your device’s local VPN service, but it does not direct your traffic to a third party. Instead, the other end of the VPN connection is on your device. From there, Puffer monitors outbound connections against known lists of bad guys and blocks connections to services trying to track you down.


– Unlike a standard VPN service, your data never leaves your device, so you don’t need to place your trust in a threatening third-party server!
– Puffer is more effective than PiHole, NextDNS, and other DNS-based solutions because Puffer will still run if the app uses a non-standard DNS resolver.
– We keep track of how many trackers we block, so you can see how popular your favorite websites are.
– You can use the provided “Live View” user interface to see the connections your device is making to the world, including the hostname and IP address, in real time.


– None of the Puffer data handles will be stored or transmitted to the Puffer servers, this is a completely client-side solution.
Puffer does not decrypt encrypted traffic, such as HTTPS, rather it only searches traffic metadata and patterns to detect bad requests.


– If you want Puffer to always be on and restart using your phone, you can enable this setting in your device’s settings. Go to the “VPN” area in the phone settings (on Samsung devices, this is under “More connection settings”) and then click on the settings option next to “Puffer” and toggle to “Always-on VPN”. It is best to leave “No VPN connection blocking” disabled.
– If you are facing a problem with any website application, please contact me at the listed developer contact. As long as I can view the website or app from my own device, I will try to solve the problem for you.


– Custom blocking lists.
Bandwidth Meter (Find out which connections your device is consuming the most bandwidth).

What’s New?

– Fix text colour on live view.
– Fix bugs with older API versions.
– And Fix bugs with some devices (JNI reference count too high).
– Reduce the required platform version to 22+

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