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PythonDev PRO – Learn Python Programming Tutorials v0.1.0 (Paid) Apk

Learn Python – AI with Python, Django, Flask, CherryPY, AI, ML with compiler. You can learn

Guide to learn Python
Complete Guide to Python 3
Interview question for Python developers
Object oriented python
Competition in Python
Python query
TurboGears Python Framework
Nice soup tutorials
Guide for BioPython
Learn Jython
Numpy Tutorials
Learn the Theano
Complete WxPython Guide
Bokeh Tutorials

Learn the Django framework for free
Complete Guide to Flask
Guide to learn CherryPy
Apache Spark Tutorials
Python Artifacial Intelligence Learning Guide
Machine learning with Python
Python blockchain
Deep learning with Python
Data Science Tutorials
Guide to MySQL with Python
and much more.

If you are a new developer and planning to learn Python programming or start python programming this app will be your best friend or if you are already a Python developer this app will be a great pocket reference guide for your daily python. Programming so that you can become a better python developer.

Here is what you will get and learn by installing this Python programming app:

When to use Python 2 and when to use Python 3.
How to install Python on Windows, Mac and Linux.
How to prepare your computer for Python programming.
The different ways to run a Python program on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Suggested text editors and built-in development environments to use when coding in Python.
How to work with various types of data including strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, booleans, etc.
What are the variables and when to use them.

How to perform math operations using Python.
How to capture input from a user.
Ways to control the flow of your programs.
The importance of white space in Python.
How To Organize Your Python Programs – Learn What Goes Where.
What are the modules, when to use them and how to create your own.
How to define and use functions.
Important built-in Python functions that you will use often.
How to read and write to files.


Themes included in this app

1) Introduction to Python
2) Python features
3) History of Python
4) Applying Python
5) How to install Python
6) Python programs
7) Python variables
8) Data types in Python
9) Keywords in Python
10) Literals in Python
11) Python operator
12) Comments in Python
13) If-else statement in Python
14) Python loops
15) Python For Loop
16) While loop in Python
17) Break statement in Python
18) Continue statement in Python
19) Python pass

20) Python string
21) Python list
22) Tuple Python
23) Python assembly dictionary
24) Python functions
25) Python built-in functions
26) Python Lambda Functions
27) File management in Python
28) Exceptions in Python
29) Date and time in Python
30) Python regular expressions
31) Sending emails using SMTP in Python
32) CSV file in Python 3
33) Write a csv file in Python 3
34) Read the Excel file in Python 3
35) Write an Excel file in Python 3
36) Python 3 assertion keyword
37) Understanding the Python 3 list
38) Python 3 collection module
39) Python 3 math module

40) Python 3 operating system module
41) Random modulus of Python 3
42) Statistics module in Python 3
43) Python 3 IDE
44) Table in Python 3
45) Python 3 command line arguments
46) Python 3 Magic Method
47) Stack and queue in Python
48) Decorator in Python
49) Python generators
50) Web scraping with Python
51) JSON using Python
52) Iter tools in Python
53) Python ooPs concepts
54) Python constructor
55) Python inheritance

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