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QR Code Scanner – Barcode & QR v3.0.21 (VIP)

Eco Mobile’s QR Code Scanner is the lightest QR Code Scanner/Barcode Scanner you need to have in your Android phone. QR Code Reader is a must-have app anytime, anywhere Learn about QR Code Scanner – Barcode & QR app released by Eco Mobile to help you scan QR/Barcode easily and quickly.

QR Code Scanner is really easy to use for QR/Barcode Scanning. With the fast scanning technology built into the camera, just point the free QR code reader at the QR code/barcode you want to scan with the QR code scanner – the barcode scanner will automatically read and scan the barcode instantly. You don’t need to press any buttons to take a photo or adjust the zoom because the QR code/barcode reading and scanning process is completely automatic. The QR code scanner helps you to use the app without having to use it!


QR Code Scanner – Barcode Scanner supports all QR Code/Barcode formats including Text URL Product Contact Calendar Email Location Wi-Fi and more. Barcode Scanner is a powerful tool to help you while shopping, it can easily scan bank account information or e-wallet for online payments, you can even scan coupons/coupon code discounts to get discounts and save some money.

See what a QR code scanner can do:

Powerful QR/Barcode Scanning: QR Code Data Matrix Aztec UPC EAN Code 39 and more.

– QR code generator can generate your own QR code. It comes in many formats like personal QR URL text contact email location phone wifi etc.

– Scan QR code/Barcode from photos in gallery.

– Barcode scanner is easy to use flashlight function in the dark.

– View your QR code/Barcode scan history again.

– Security: Our QR code scanner will never share the information QR code/barcode to the outside, so your information is absolutely safe.

– Share QR code/Barcode on social networking sites.


QR codes are everywhere these days. Install a QR code scanner now so you can scan and read QR codes/barcodes on the go or outside. A versatile QR code scanner that can be used in any situation whether you are in the dark or need to scan QR codes from a distance with its flashlight function and precise scanning technology.


You can also scan product barcodes with a barcode scanner. With a QR code scanner, you can easily compare in-store and online prices to save money. Remember to turn on the Internet, the free QR code reader will help you check product prices anytime, anywhere and become a savvy consumer.


Eco Mobile’s free QR code reader is in development, so we need your advice to develop it. Absorbing and learning from user feedback is the best way to become the best QR code scanner – barcode scanner app. Please email your comments to qrcode@app.ecomobile.vn.


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