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Quick Buttons Navigation Bar v1.2 (Paid) APK

Quick Buttons Navigation Bar

Customize your navigation bar with a wide range of 250+ colors and 50+ icon designs for back button, home button, and recents button. Also enjoy programmable keys for power button, volume button and flashlight button!
This application allows you to select the background color of the navigation bar and its icons.
We also have a wide range of designs for navigation bar icons. Try them all and choose the one that suits you best!
This app provides you with soft power button and volume soft button which keep your device volume and power button. 😃

The work of this application:
1) Install our Quick Buttons Pro app and enable accessibility service for this app.
Steps to enable Accessibility Service:
• Once installed, our application prompts you to activate the accessibility service
• Click “Enable” to access your device’s accessibility settings.
• On this page, choose the Quick Buttons app and enable the accessibility service for the app.
2) Once you enable the Accessibility Service, you will immediately see the navigation bar and feature bar added to your screen.
3) Once you have left the accessibility settings page, you will be redirected to the Quick Buttons Pro app where you can begin the setup.

Customize your navigation bar:
1) On the Quick Buttons Pro configuration page, you can find an option to select whether you want the back button to be left or right. Selecting an option brings the back button and home button to the desired positions.
2) To start customizing your navigation bar, click the Customize button.
3) You will be redirected to the customization page, where you can make the following customizations:

🏆 Color customization: 🏆

• To customize the colors, just click on the colors option and you will be taken to a page where you can customize the colors. To update the background color of the navigation bar, simply select the background option from the bottom menu and click on the color you want to apply to the background. That’s it, you will see the background color applied to the navigation bar.
• Similarly, to update the color of the navbar and ripple icons, select the corresponding option from the bottom menu and click the desired color.

🏆 Navigation bar icon design: 🏆
• To change the navbar designs, just click on the icons option and you will be taken to a page where you can choose the icons you like for your navbar.
• To select a specific icon design for your navigation bar, simply click on the desired icon and the changes will be applied instantly!

🏆 Advanced Settings 🏆
By clicking on the advanced settings page you can enable/disable the vibration effect for the navigation bar icons and here you can also configure if you want to hide/show the Dock button

Customizable helm functions:
On the Quick Buttons Pro configuration page, in the feature bar section, you can select/deselect the feature buttons you want to have on the feature bar.
Show or hide the navigation bar:
If you want to hide the navigation bar, just click on the dock (rightmost button) in the navigation bar. To restore your navigation bar, click or swipe from the bottom and the navigation bar will reappear.

Dock/Undock Feature Bar:
Similarly, you can dock the feature bar by clicking the dock button (the bottom button in most cases) on the feature bar. This will pin the function bar and take up minimal space on your screen. Click on the docked bar to reopen the function bar.
Enjoy the app and rate us if you like the app
Note: This app uses Accessibility service for the sole purpose of providing navigation bar, power button, volume button and flashlight functions.
Note: For devices with Android Oreo or earlier, additional device administrator permission may be required for the power button function. However, this permission is not required if you don’t want to use the power button function.

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