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Radarbot Speed Camera Detector v9.3.3 b202 (Premium)

◉ Pro Features Unlocked

Radarbot Pro MOD APK is your ally on the road. The only application that combines Real-time Alerts with the best GPS radar detection system. 100% legal and reliable. Drive safe and never worry about fines again.

Radarbot is a powerful and unique app that brings you the best Speed ​​Camera Warning, Real Time Traffic Alerts and Top Speedometer.


Drive with peace of mind without compromising your driving license. Radarbot warns you of all types of Speed ​​Cameras:

– Fixed speed cameras.
– Possible mobile radars (transmitted by users).
– Radars in tunnel.
– Section radars
– Red light cameras.
– Dangerous traffic points.

Daily Updates: We update our speed camera database daily so that you can benefit from continuous improvements and free updates. WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION OR REGISTRATION!

* Features:

– It can be integrated into any GPS navigator, such as the Maps application, and can simultaneously receive navigation warnings and speed camera alerts.
– Battery saving mode. The application can run in the background. You continue to receive warnings even when the screen is turned off.
– 4 different display modes to choose from.
– Simple and functional interface. You can see real-time distance to the nearest speed camera, location, address and speed limit.
– Voice warnings.
– Warnings in the direction of travel. The application automatically eliminates speed cameras in the other direction or not on the road.
– Audible warnings when approaching a Radar.
– Warnings when exceeding the speed limit.
– Vibration mode for bikers.
– Fully configurable warning distances and parameters.
– Bluetooth connection.
– Verification of Warnings. The reliability of Radar warnings is calculated in real time, based on information transmitted to the platform by all users.


Radarbot is a community of over 2 million drivers around the world, with whom to share and receive real-time voice warnings. To instantly know what’s going on on the road and avoid unpleasant surprises.


– Communication platform created by and for drivers.
– Receive and send traffic alerts, mobile controls and new fixed speed cameras.
– Speech recognition input: You can send alerts to other users without using the keyboard.


Records and graphically displays all speeds in a trip.

* Features:

– Real-time display of:
· Speed ​​graph.
· Current, maximum and average speed.
– Allows you to set a speed limit and activate an audible alert when it is exceeded.
– Trip saving function.

The PRO version of Radarbot comes standard with no ads or in-app purchases.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at: support@iteration-mobile.com

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