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RaspController v4.4.6 (Pro) Apk

The RaspController app allows you to easily manage your Raspberry Pi remotely. It is now possible to manage files, control GPIO ports, send commands directly through the terminal, view images from a connected camera and obtain data from various sensors. Finally, wiring diagrams, pins and various information are available for proper use of the Raspberry Pi.

Features included in the app:

🗡 GPIO management (On / Off or pulse operation)
⚔ File manager (Explore the contents of your Raspberry PI, copy, paste, delete, download and view file ownership, edit texts)
🗡 Shell SSH (Send custom commands to your Raspberry PI)
⚔ Cpu, Ram, Disk monitoring
🗡 Camera (Displays the images of the camera connected to the Raspberry PI)
⚔ User widgets
🗡 List of processes
⚔ DHT11 / 22 sensor (Temperature and humidity)
🗡 DS18B20 sensor (Temperature)
⚔ BMP sensor (Pressure, temperature, altitude)
🗡 Sense Hat
⚔ Pinout and diagrams
🗡 Wake On Lan (Use Raspberry PI to send “Wake On Lan” magic packets)
⚔ Switch off the device
🗡 Restart the device

+ Uses SSH protocol.
+ Authentication: password or SSH key (RSA, ED25519, ECDSA).
+ Plugin for Tasker application.

All languages ​​and list of translators: https://www.gallinaettore.com/android_apps/raspcontroller/#languages

Regarding “bugs” we thank you for not using the evaluation system. In this case we ask you to contact me.

What’s New?

– Fix: Info Raspberry bug with root user
– Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by taotieren)
– Upd: Indonesian language (by Samsul M)

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