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Readdo Premium v1.1.2 (Subscribed) Apk

Have you ever thought of reading famous world bestsellers or classic literature in its original language? Readdo application stations to a certain technology which gives you the opportunity to perceive the English text still as a structure. After reading the first book you will feel the result! The app is primarily intended for Russian-speaking audiences.

With the Readdo app designed by English Club TV Channel, reading books in English is no longer a boring routine that most learners give up after 10 minutes because a book is incompatible with a reader’s level , or because there is no result. This app will help you learn English, and you will definitely get into reading a book and understand it in its original language.
Readdo is the one-stop app for practical English listening.

The application functionality is designed in the way that allows a user to read a book and perceive the unknown English words. Each book has its level mark and perfectly matches your language skills.

All you need to do is set up the background, determine the font size, and choose a book that you want to read. Then the program divides the text into segments that will be read aloud one after another in both languages ​​(English and Russian). It offers complete immersion and understanding. All books contain professional audio tracks in both Russian and English. You can turn off one or two audio tracks and use the app as an e-book.

We update the app library regularly, and very soon you will get to know more literary characters created by famous writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jerome K. Jerome, Oscar Wilde and many more.

If you are sure of your language proficiency, you can turn off the Russian text duplication and focus on the original and vice versa.
Put your phone in your pocket and just listen to the audiobook in the language you choose!

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  • Premium Subscription unlocked | All Books Free

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