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Remote compatible Livebox v3.4.8 (Premium) APK

This is not the official Orange app.
It seems incompatible with orange polish.

Try Livebox TV over the phone. This Livebox remote control is simple, complete and convenient.
The app will find Livebox TV on your Wi-Fi network. This can be done automatically when the app starts, or manually from the settings screen.

If the scanning is not successful for any reason, you can enter the IP address of the Livebox TV.
Your phone must be connected to the Livebox’s Wi-Fi network.
You can now control Livebox TV from anywhere in your home.

Tip: If the automatic search does not work, go to the Settings screen, click Scan, and select your Livebox TV. If it does not appear in the list, try restarting Livebox and try again.
If it still doesn’t work, you can enter the IP address manually in the app settings. You’ll find it in the “Connected Devices” TV box icon on the “My Network” page in the management interface.


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