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Biodata Maker, Resume Creator & CV Builder v23.0 (Pro) APK

You are creative, but you have to find a way to display it on your resume. Do not worry. This biodata maker app contains over 500 creative resume templates and is editable.

Creative Biodata design
Creating biological data with the biological data creator for marriage is fast and easy to use. Get an interesting biodata format with easily editable tools. Create awesome biodata in just 2 minutes.

Biodata models
This app is a comprehensive guide that explains how to create a professional and artistic resume that will stand out for you in this interview.

A creative professional CV is the exception, not the rule. There are fewer times you need to use a creative CV than when you need to use a formal CV. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to have your CV reflect your ideal work environment.

If your dream job is creative, you might want a creative resume.

Are you looking for the latest resume formats?

Minimalist Resume Templates
Browse the exclusive and professionally minimalist cv design and choose one according to your needs. You can also add gradient shapes and colors from CV Maker collections to your free minimalist CV.

Get unique resume ideas and personalize infographics on Resume Maker
Infographic Resume Templates are based on visual skills and experience, they include timeline, charts, charts, icons, shapes, images and colors. Eye-catching resumes are a must in the competitive world, interviewers have seen all kinds of resumes and resumes, to stand out from the crowd.

Get simple and amazing resume ideas
In a basic resume format, the following information should include name and contact details. Mandatory, you must include your education, experience and the project undertaken (if applicable). If you want to showcase your resume, you should include a photo of yourself using simple resume templates.

Modern Resume Templates
Give your old CV a makeover with our modern CV designs.

Professional Resume Templates

Professional design resumes in just a few clicks with a professional resume maker.

Biodata format for work
The instant and free biodata format is in great demand. Applicants barely find the time to shake up lives to create an eye-catching biodata format on their own. Biodata has different meanings when you make one for a job and one for marriage. Having a well-formatted biodata format for jobs uploaded to job search sites will make a remarkable impression. In addition, the format of biographical data for work is really attractive. Showcase your personal profiles to the extreme with fancy biodata format templates by biodata maker.

Matrimonial biodata models
Your wedding biography should be appealing and present you in the most positive light possible. We provide different wedding biography data templates for boys and girls, who find suitable bride and groom for marriage. Choose from several marriage biographical data formats to create awesome marriage biographical data with our free biological data maker.

Main Features:

1. 5000+ resume templates
2. Simply select a biographical data template and customize it.
3. Backgrounds and stickers OR add your own
4. Fonts OR add your own option
5. Crop pictures of different shapes
6. Text arts
7. Multiple layers
8. Undo / Redo
9. Automatic backup
10. Re-edit
11. Save to SD card
12. SHARE on social networks

Please rate the app and provide your feedback to help us improve and create many more unique apps for you.


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