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Reverse Music Player v2.2.4 (Unlocked) APK

Now the best reverse music player with updated UI and new features.
If you like the modified effect, save it to a file on your device.

★ Play reverse music/sound in audio format: wav/mp3/ogg/flac/mp4/acc etc.
★ Reverse the speed of the track from 4 times slower to 4 times faster.
★Set the pitch octave between -1 and +1.
★ Save/export reverse and modified tracks to: mp4/aac/wav
★ Tempo & Pitch can be changed at any time.
★2 modes to change speed and pitch – Slider (Fast) / Pad (Accurate).
★ Equalizer
★ Cycle range
★Content type optimization mode – music/voice

To play a modified track, simply select your track from your music library or browse your device.

Supported formats: wav/mp3/ogg/flac/acc/mp4 etc.

When you select an audio track, the application will prepare the sound data to enable reverse playback (on new and fast devices, normal length audio tracks usually take a few seconds). It doesn’t change your original file.

Tracks that can fit in memory do not require free storage space to work. However, larger tracks may require temporary space for uncompressed tracks on the device. Usually you don’t have to worry about this.

If you want to have more fun, you can change the tempo or pitch of the music track.
“Speed” describes the speed at which the sound is played 100% is the original/unchanged speed 50% is 2x slower 200% is 2x faster. The range is: 25% – 400%.
“Pitch” describes how the pitch will change, the difference is expressed as -24.0 .. +24.0 semitones 0.00 is the original/unchanged pitch.
These values ​​can be adjusted via sliders or by clicking the buttons near them and setting exact values.

You can also save reverse music to a file.
Supported export/save formats: wav/acc/mp4 (various BPS).

Note that most operations are cpu-intensive, and to get good results you need a high-performance device. Using multiple functions at once (like tempo change + reverse playback) increases hardware requirements.

More technical information:
Supported streaming formats: 8/16/24 bit encoding 1-8 channels 8000/11025/16000/22050/44100/48000 Hz sampling rate. The device must support the sample rate used to extend 8-bit encoding to 16-bit encoding, so the device must support 16-bit.

✓ App uses write permission to SD card to enable exporting tracks.
✓ Advertising services use other permissions such as “Internet”.

If you don’t want to support this application, it may be easily overlooked.

If you find it useful, please consider rating the app, it’s really helpful, thanks.

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