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[ROOT] Custom ROM Manager (Pro) v6.6.17 (Paid) Apk

Custom ROM Manager has been designed to ease the process of installing Custom ROMs, GApps, and other zip files, and to allow users to have more control over the process. It will be:

🔍 Find the zip files present on your device.
📝 Identify the zip files.
🧰 Manage and select zip files for installation.
⚙️ Install the selected zip files in TWRP.
⭐ Let you discover popular ROMs.
📊 Show you detailed statistics.
😁 And let you do a lot more.

(Check out the free version listing for more about the features mentioned above, at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.corphish.customrommanager.free)

In addition, the pro version:

Has no advertising.
Allows you to have more control over how zip files are searched.
Allows you to have more control over how zip files are identified.
Displays useful actions specific to a ROM / GApps.
Gives you more customization options.
Has an adaptive user interface.
Has themes and shapes.
Is faster and much more optimized.

🚫 NO ADS 🚫

The Pro version does not contain any advertising.


The Pro version allows users to override the default storage locations (detected by the app) and specify the folders in which they typically keep their zip files, making searching for zip files instant. Besides, it also allows users to change folder names which would be ignored while searching for zip files.

📝 Have better control over how ZIP files ARE IDENTIFIED 📝

The Custom ROM Manager checks the size of a file to determine whether a zip file is a ROM or a GApps package or some other type of zip file. In this way, the application is able to distinguish between an actual ROM and the zip files related to that ROM (like firmware, patches, etc.). The pro version allows users to control this “size” setting.


Pro version shows you useful actions on downloaded files belonging to specific ROM / GApp which you can perform with just one click.


The Pro version also gives users more customization options:
1. Allows users to control which partitions will be chosen to be erased when a zip file is “quickly” selected for installation.
2. Activate the option “Organize files in a subfolder” in the Zip File Organizer section.

🍭 Adaptive user interface 🍭

The color of the UI elements changes to match the dominant color of the ROM / GApp logo, which you are visiting the section of, to make it look and feel amazing.


The Pro version allows you to choose any of the 7 bright colors as the theme color. Besides, it also has the “ Random ” setting which randomly chooses one of the supported colors when starting the app for you. You can also choose the shape of the icons to have a look suited to your style!


The pro version is optimized and is faster than the free version in general. It is also smaller than the free version, although it contains all the features of the free version in addition to its own professional features. For this reason, the memory usage of the application is also minimized.

(You can find even more details at https://customrommanager.github.io/pro.html)

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