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Rubika v3.6.4 (Premium)

◉ Premium Features Unlocked


Rubika is a practical application that has various services, each of which is designed in a specific and specialized field, from payment services to watching movies and series online. After downloading Rubika, you can use all the services provided for you for free. It is intended to be used, just install Rubika through mykit and enter this program.
Some of the Rubik’s services are more famous among the general public, for example, messaging, movies and serials, bill payment, and Rubino’s social network are among the most famous and popular parts of this Iranian super application, don’t forget that by using Rubik, you can earn an extra income. And have real money and manage it through the dashboard that is intended for you, just start creating content today and interact with your contacts.

Why should we download Rubika?

• An all-in-one messenger with features like voice and video messaging and live streaming
• Rubino social network with features similar to Instagram for sharing images and videos
•Watching movies and series online
• The possibility of generating income from activities in Rubika
• Carrying out various financial transactions such as buying recharge and internet
•The possibility of doing good deeds

Rubica Android messenger

The Rubika Messenger section will provide you with all the attractive features you have from a modern messenger. First of all, it should be noted that the Internet consumption for text, photo and audio messages in Rubika Messenger is free. Of course, to use this advantage, you must use Irancell or Mobile First Internet, and this issue is not applied to users of other operators. You can check your traffic consumption once after using Rubika. Like other popular messengers, Rubica messenger allows you to communicate with your audience.

You can send audio, text and video messages to your friends and acquaintances through Rubika and expand your communication with them at any time and everywhere. By using Rubika, you will no longer need external and internal messengers. This versatile application can cover all your communication needs well. Another feature of Rubica Messenger is the ability to make a voice call or create a meeting. If you own a channel or group, you can use this feature without restrictions and advance your communication model with others a little differently.

Rubino’s social network

Rubica also includes the Rubino social network, which is used to share images and videos with other users. While many features and applications of Rubino can be compared with other social networks such as Instagram, perhaps the interactive and intimate atmosphere among users who are all Iranian can be mentioned as the main feature of Rubino. In addition to posting your photos and videos, you can also share your content with other users through stories.

Others can also interact with you by using facilities such as likes and comments. It is also possible to communicate with other users through messages, and the ability to broadcast live is also considered for Rubino. Rubica and Rubino have tried to make a very good interactive social network available to users, which does not have any foreign examples in terms of technical features.

A section is also intended for online businesses in Rubino so that users can more easily access the active stores in this application, and in this way, Rubica has helped to further the prosperity of national production. The stores that are currently active in the social network Rubika or more precisely, Rubino, are generally active in the field of clothing. However, it must be accepted that the further prosperity of Rubika stores depends on more shops trusting this platform, and we can hope that there will be more shops active in Rubika in the future.

Earn money through Rubik’s

Like platforms like YouTube and Aparat, Rubica has provided the possibility of monetization for its users. You will be automatically added to Rubika’s monetization system by creating a channel in the Rubika messenger or creating a page in the social network embedded in this superapp, Rubino. Apart from the traffic consumed by users, based on the number of members following the channel, you will also receive income


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