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SaveMyTime – Time Tracker v3.9.1 (Premium) Apk

The simplest time tracker ever.

+ Forget about manually configuring the time tracker.
+ Get an overview 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Forget about the manual time tracker.

The average human being checks their phone every 8 minutes, about 120 times a day. Save My Time takes advantage of this habit to introduce you to Time Tracker which replaces your standard lock screen and asks you what you’ve been up to lately when you turn on your phone.

Check your stats

Optimize your time – The Tracker manages the analysis and gives you the opportunity to:
+ Know how much time you invest in productive activities like work / learning and indication of time wasted eg. on travel.
+ Check your work-life balance for different time periods – daily / weekly / monthly / yearly.
+ Filter statistics to discover information on specific activities.

Personalization – adjust Save My Time – Time tracker according to your needs:

+ Customize your activity names, colors and icons to keep track of whatever you need.
+ Add up to nine activities.

Settings – track the weather as you wish.

+ Set how often Save My Time should replace your lock screen.
+ Turn off tracking when you don’t need it.
+ Time to share between a few activities if you need it.

Unlimited activities, categories, more icons and colors (Premium)

+ Add as many activities as you want and discover even the smallest areas for improvement.
+ Don’t limit yourself to work and life. Categorize your activities your way.
+ Choose from over 140 icons and 40 colors.

Export data (Premium)

Do you want to run your own analysis on the data and discover even more insights? We retrieve and can then export the data for you in .csv format which will allow you to perform your own analysis.

Integrations – check your time in your favorite calendar! (Premium)

+ Go through your activities chronologically and find out when you are distracted.
+ Adjust the view of your calendar in daily, weekly, monthly or custom time ranges.
+ Compare what you did with your planned activities.

Custom date selection

+ Have you ever wondered how your day was a few months ago?
+ How much time did you spend with your family last winter?
Discover and explore other information about your time with our date picker. Choose any day, week or month.

Detailed statistics (coming soon)

Do you know how much time you spend on a specific activity each day, week or month?
+ Check the averages, see the best and worst performance.
+ Compare your results with different time periods and see how you have improved.

Goals (coming soon)

It’s hard to stay on track, that’s why Save My Time – Time tracker helps you keep your resolutions with the goals feature.
+ Define goals for a specific activity or category
+ Check progress towards your goals.


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