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Screen Off Timeout v2.4.4 (Mod) APK

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

[Function overview]

● Screen timeout

Screen Off Timeout is a function that allows you to set the time at which the screen turns off when the device is not inactive (not in use, inactive).
(When playing a game or watching a video, the screen will not be forced out because it is in use.)
You can change it easily and quickly using the quick setting or the app widget.

– Try to use it like this:

When the device is not in use, set it to 15 seconds to save battery power and change the timeout when you put your device down and do other tasks such as reading text or playing piano with leaves .

● Immediate screen deactivated

You can quickly turn off the screen with just one touch using the quick setting or the app widget.
There are two types of screen off function, “Lock” and “Screen off”, and can be changed in the settings. “Lock” is a type of device unlocking that uses strong authentication (password, PIN code). “Screen Off” supports biometrics like fingerprint and face. (It is supported from Android 9.0 Pie or higher devices.)

– Try to use it like this:

Turn off the screen with a single tap on the screen without pressing the physical power button.

● Sleep timer

You can sleep comfortably while listening to video or music without worrying about battery consumption.
It offers a variety of convenience options.

– Try to use it like this:

When you want to sleep while listening to music, when you only want to play the game for a while.

[Free features]

– The screen automatically turns off at the time you set when the device is not in use
– Prevent screen from turning off
– Sleep timer (some functional restrictions)
– Modification of the timeout values
– Screen Off Timeout Application Widget
– Light and dark theme

[Premium features]

– Add or remove timeout values
– Sleep timer (support music off, screen off, etc.)
– Immediately turn off the screen (supports biometric data such as fingerprint, face, etc.)
– Quick setting tiles (Android 7.0 Nougat support)
– Disable app widget screen
– No ads

This app needs the following permissions.

– Full network access

Use a small amount of mobile network (5G, LTE, etc.)

– Show network connections

Check the status of your mobile network (5G, LTE, etc.)

– Modify system settings

Used to set the time to automatically turn off the screen

Be sure to allow the “Change system settings” permission. This is necessary to change the time when the screen automatically turns off.


Here are some frequently asked questions and solutions for the Screen Off Timeout app.

– The screen timeout function does not work

.Some manufacturers or devices may not work in the standard Android way. In this case, change the ‘Screen timeout type’ to ‘Limited’ in the screen timeout application settings.

– When the screen is turned off with the screen off function, it cannot be unlocked by biometrics.

The screen disable type has “Power off” and “Lock”. The “ Disable ” type supports biometric data such as fingerprint, face, etc.

– The screen timeout is constantly reset to its initial value.

When battery optimization or power saving mode is activated, it is forcibly reset by the system. You can turn off the optimization setting or turn off “Screen timeout” in the optimization setting. Since the unlocking method differs by device, I can’t explain them all. Please check through google search.

● It does not turn off while playing a game or watching a video.

When watching a video or game, the screen does not turn off automatically because the device is in use. To force the screen to turn off, use the “Sleep Timer”.

● How to use the application optimally?

If you give full permission in app settings Screen Off Timeout, the app is optimized.

● I cannot delete the app.

If it is registered as the device administrator application, it cannot be deleted. You can delete the application by removing the “Application d

‘device administration’ in the settings of the Screen Off Timeout application.

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