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ScreenDim Full v1.68 (Paid) APK

Is your minimum screen brightness still too bright? Dim your screen below what your device normally allows for comfortable use in dark environments, reading in bed, amateur astronomy, etc.!

No root needed. (But there is an experimental root option which makes things even darker on some devices, for example, the Nexus 7.)

Save your five favorite brightness and contrast settings as a preset, and retrieve it by touching a single button or through a launch shortcut (dark screen also provides a launch shortcut for scrolling through presets, and another launch shortcut to deactivate it).

ScreenDim also creates a notification item in the status bar so that you can easily come back to it to adjust settings.

ScreenDim is the first dimmer that can both adjust the backlight brightness below what the system normally allows on many LCD devices and lower the contrast. Some dimmers only filter and reduce contrast, which keeps the black areas unchanged and glowing gray on LCD devices when in the dark and doesn’t save battery life (and at least we do so in a way that slows down 2D screen performance around 30% in my testing). Many other dimmers only change the backlighting within the range normally allowed by the operating system.

I recommend that you install Screen Dim Trial before purchasing the full version to try it for three days to ensure full compatibility with your device.

If you have any issues with ScreenDim, email arpruss@gmail.com before leaving poor comments. There is a lot of variation in the way that different devices deal with screen brightness, and I may be able to adjust ScreenDim to work better for you.

Note 1:

On OLED devices, there is no backlight, so everything is contrast adjustment adjustment.

Note 2:

If you set ScreenDim too dark for you to see the screen, you can recover by adjusting the brightness with the volume buttons while ScreenDim, or by tapping where the adjust brightness should be on the screen if you don’t have no volume buttons, or restarting your device (on many devices this is done by holding the power button for up to ten seconds to turn off the device, then turning on the device).p

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