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Signal – Messagerie privée v5.4.7 Mod Apk

Millions of people use Signal every day to make free and instant communications all over the world. Send and receive HD messages, participate in HD audio or video calls,

Explore a growing number of new features to help you stay in touch. Signal’s advanced privacy and personal data protection technology is still active. So you can focus on sharing the important moments with those you care about.

say what you want

Modern end-to-end encryption (supported by the open-source “Signal Protocol ™”) keeps your conversations secure. Protecting your privacy and personal data is not an option, it is included with Signal, by design. For all messages, all calls, all the time.

Contact quickly

Messages are delivered quickly and reliably, even over slow networks. Signal is optimized to work in the most demanding environments.

I feel freedom

– Signal is a completely independent 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. The development is funded by users like you. No ads, no tracking, really.

Be on your nature

– You can use your current phone number and address book to communicate securely with your friends.

Express Yourself

– Whether they live across town or across the ocean, with Signal’s enhanced audio and video quality, your family and friends will feel closer to you.

Whisper in the shadows

Go dark if you refuse to see the light.

Ringtones as you wish

– Choose custom alerts for each of your contacts or turn off all sounds. Since Silence is Gold, you can set the notification ringtone to None.

Interior photo

– Use the built-in photo editing functions to draw, crop or flip your photos. And with the text tool, you can add more words to the 1000 words your image really deserves.

For help, questions, or further clarification, please visit:

Code source:

For the latest news and announcements, follow us on Twitter (signalapp) and Instagram (signal_app).

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New features

★ Support for landscape video calling in one-on-one conversations lets you rotate your phone without tilting your head.
★ Send photos faster than ever while using less bandwidth thanks to image compression improvements that help larger-than-life memories become just the right size.
★ We streamlined the design of conversation headers and the message composition box to improve accessibility, give the app a more modern appearance, and to make your wallpapers look even better.

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