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Simplest Reminder Pro v5.4.1 (Paid) APK

What is the simplest reminder?

It is the easiest to use reminder app in the entire Google Play Store.

What does it do?

The simplest reminder allows you to quickly set a one-time or recurring reminder as little as possible. When the time comes, your phone or tablet will remind you of your task.

What are its features?

– No advertising
– Dark theme
– Popup Dialog
– LED light notifications
– Recurring reminders. Choose between daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, weekdays (Monday to Friday), weekends (Saturday to Sunday),
– Custom recurrence interval, such as 2 hours, 3 days or 5 weeks, etc. to meet the needs of your busy schedule
– Customized snooze time
– Import and export. This can be used as a backup or to transfer reminders to the Pro version or to another device.
– Ability to remove or disable reminder when scanning notification
– New date and time selectors inspired by Google Calendar selectors
– Self-repeated reminders. The reminder repeats every 10 minutes so you don’t miss it. This can be enabled or changed in the settings
– One-time reminders can be turned off and reused later
– Swipe the notification to ignore recurring reminders.

What makes it better than other reminder apps?

Creating a reminder only takes seconds, and you don’t have to customize dozens of options for each reminder. Unlike other reminder apps, mine requires virtually no permission because I respect your privacy. (The only permission needed is access to storage so you can export and import reminders)

Is it easy to use?

The main goal of this app is simplicity. It allows you to create a simple reminder in a minimum of steps. At a minimum, you need to provide time and press the OK button. That’s all. You can optionally add a description, date and recurrence, but they are not required.

Can I personalize something?

Absoutely! You can choose a theme, specify notification sound, vibration, and vibration pattern. You can also turn on / off the pop-up dialog, light and slide to remove / turn off a reminder. You can also change the intervals for repeat and repeat reminders.

This all sounds great, but can I try it for free first?

Yes you can. I have a free version available in the Play Store under the name: Easiest Recall

IMPORTANT: If you are using a Task Manager or Battery Optimizer, add Simplest Reminder Pro to the Ignored / White / Excluded list. Otherwise, Simplest Reminder Pro may not work.
If you are using Android 6 or newer, turn off battery optimization in Settings> Battery> Battery optimization.

RATINGS: If you have any problem with my app, please email me instead of 1 star. I will do my best to resolve the issue and answer all emails.

Fine print: Thanks to everyone who bought this app when it was only a donation version with no additional features. Your interest and appreciation for my hard work has motivated and encouraged me to continue working on this reminder app to bring you awesome new features. Hope you enjoy them!

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