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Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro v2.14.53 (Paid) Apk

The white sounds around our lives include the sound of rain, the sound of waterfalls, the sound of waves, the sound of streams, and the sound of tree branches rubbing in the wind. Since these sounds are the everyday sounds that we normally hear, even though these sounds are heard as noise, we hear them without being aware of acoustics and psychology. In addition, since this is a natural sound that has always been heard, you experience a feeling of stability in the sound. In addition, the white sound of nature gives us a sense of protection that we are surrounded by the surrounding environment as a member of the universe, so that the listener can audibly relieve the feeling of silence.

Through various experiences over the years, we have found that noise can also be a relief. First, in the office, without knowing anything, white noise was heard about 10 decibels (dB) higher than normal ambient noise, and after a week, unnecessary chatting and body movements during work had been significantly reduced. After a month, the white noise was turned off and the work concentration dropped drastically as each other got bored. In other words, having a little white noise rather than no noise increased the efficiency of the job.

It is said that if you pitch a tent on the beach in the summer, you will feel fresh and cheerful by the sea breeze, but you will sleep soundly to the sound of the crashing waves. Particularly in Japan, the sound of waves from the beaches of Okinawa is recorded on CD and sold, and it is said to be very popular for inducing a good night’s sleep when citizens rest in a sleep capsule in the city. Indeed, the white noise hidden in the sound of the waves stabilizes the mind and body and promotes sleep.

In addition, the learning effect is greatly enhanced if the students hear the white sound of nature. In another experiment, we observed the change in concentration when we heard the natural sounds around us. Various sounds around him were heard every 5 minutes, and body movements were observed during the study by age group such as teens, 20s and 30s. Subjects in their teens and twenties preferred sound from a relatively wide pitch, such as the sound of running water in mineral water and the sound of a shower, and study concentration increased. On the other hand, people in their 30s preferred medium-range white noise, such as the sound of a small rain or a large stream, and had the effect of increasing concentration at work.

On the other hand, if a newborn baby under 3-4 months old is crying, will the baby be calm if the sound of the heartbeat, breathing and voices of mothers and fathers are recorded and heard during fetal days? However, as a result of the experience, the baby became more and more anxious and only cried more anxiously in search of his mother’s arms.

At that time, if you hear the hissing sound of an empty TV channel, the crying baby will immediately stop crying and regain a sense of stability. Some parents say that the crying baby has found rest when he hears the sound of the vacuum cleaner, and when he hears a rustling while playing with a soft plastic bag, the baby quickly makes a bright expression. These sounds that soothe newborn babies are also artificially produced white noises.


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