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Smart NFC Pro v2.5 (Paid) APK

NFC Chip Pro is an ad-free version of “Smart NFC” free app –

The, easiest and best fully loaded NFC app for automating tasks using NFC. Smart NFC has the easiest, coolest and coolest user interface and UX that makes all NFC related tasks super easy; whether it’s simple NFC detection, reading and writing NFC tags or automating your daily tasks or advertising and promoting your product using NFC. Smart NFC does it all. Only app to let you tap NFC based audio, video conferencing.

SMART NFC Pro ADVANTAGE – You won’t need to install multiple apps. Install smart NFC and it meets all your NFC related needs.
NFC Pro Chip – Tap into the future.
You can also automate your daily tasks using smart NFC app and NFC tags.Opening a URL at a phone tap, changing phone settings as soon as you keep the phone on the desk (which had a ticked tags in it ), open an app, create tasks, manage the Wi-Fi network and any other task you perform can be automated using the smart NFC app.

e.g .: If you need to change your phone setting (volume / wi-fi / location / mail etc) as soon as you reach the desk or desk or sitting in the car, you can easily automate using smart NFC app. In 2-3 simple and easy steps smart NFC tag NFC application programs you can paste on the desktop and it’s done. Now instead of changing the phone laying down every day, now the phone does it for you automatically as soon as you keep the phone on the desk. And don’t worry, you can always change the function (or re-program) the NFC tag whenever you need to, and even tell a label to never re-program itself.With NFC possibilities in automation, user engagement, and many other areas, are limitless. Let your imagination fly.

Here are the main pre-established features that are under construction in the app:

– Detect NFC on the smartphone
– Read, write, program it, Scan or ReTAG NFC tags.
– Quickly detects whether a phone is NFC equipped or not. Does my phone have NFC?
– Detects whether NFC is enabled or disabled.

– “Save” function for you to save actionable information on tapping the NFC tag
– Display / send information.
– Link to a website, video, social profile or app
– Send an email
– Save a contact
– Phone number Save
– Display predefined text message
– Show an address or location
– ‘Save’ to save data on NFC tags
– “Added utility” to automate your phone settings and make your life easier
– Activate, deactivate and activate your, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi car mode
– Automate sound profile: silent / vibrator / normal
– Automate display settings
– Change volume settings (media, alarm, notification, ringtone volume)
– Launch an application from the phone
– Access for a tap for camera, music player, flashlight

What is NFC?

NFC stands for “near field communication”. Most smartphones now have the NFC hardware in construction namely NFC. NFC technology and its use is growing in leaps and bounds every day as an NFC smartphone can do wonders with just a tap on NFC tags or anything labeled like, smart posters or smart business cards or even for payments.

NFC technology is now widely used around the world in offices, hospitals, colleges and real estate businesses to automate their small business processes.With (less than the size of the door knob) NFC tags, companies can hire , attract, advertise and retain their customers. For example, a newly launched e-commerce grocery business may provide an NFC tags to their selected customers to directly place the order for a

selecting an item and thus helping the company to increase sales and develop its business.
Wondering where to find NFC tags from? It is easy.If you don’t have NFC tags you can still order from amazon (http://www.amazon.in/Tantransha-Topaz512-NFC-tags-smart/dp/B0190MJ1B2/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid = 1461669036 & sr = 8-6 and keywords = tantransha) or directly from www.tantransha.com.
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