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SnoreApp Pro: snoring & snore analysis & detection v3.0.5.6 (Premium) Apk

All features at a glance:

– Scientifically developed snoring detection algorithm

– The application records in standby mode, so low power consumption

– Recorded data is only saved locally on the mobile phone.

– The audio snore signal can be monitored at any time of sleep.

– Marks snoring events using bar graphs with snoring intensity

– Real-time display and acoustic output of detected snoring events over sleep hours freely selectable via cursor control

– Optional vibration when a snoring event is detected

– Manually adjustable start time of recording for the standby process

– Snoring analysis of daily recording up to one month

– Analysis of the 24-hour average daily snoring frequency of all recordings

– Choice between internal and external SD memory

– Manual shutdown at any time and automatic shutdown of the
Record after 9 hours of sleep so you don’t waste battery power

– Detailed display in bar graph with time stamp, frequency and
Sound pressure level and line diagram for general background noise

– Detailed display in a list with time stamp, frequency and sound pressure level

– Copy function for the list

With SnoreApp, you will gain insight into the frequency and intensity of your snoring. Snore App selects only snoring for recording.

🐱‍👤 accurate a snoring detection result as possible.

🐱‍🏍 The recognition algorithm was created based on scientific findings and testing of snoring audio signals based on various parameters such as fundamental frequency, snoring periodicity, voice, volume (sound pressure level) and various other characteristics of the snoring signal.

🤳Through continuous testing with snoring in the sleep lab of a renowned German ENT clinic, this algorithm is constantly verified and improved. The Snore algorithm was developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Information Technology at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and since then it has been constantly revamped and improved in recent years.

🎉Snoring not only affects you and your partner’s sleep, it can also be linked to health problems, such as those associated with respiratory distress (sleep apnea).

🌹SnoreApp shows you the snoring behavior along with the volume and exact time of occurrence. Operation is intuitive and simple, so you can start measuring immediately.

✔Of course, SnoreApp is ad-free and with no hidden costs.

✔Also test the effectiveness of the snoring prevention methods used and see how your snoring behavior develops over many nights.

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