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Solar Master – PV Calculator v3.9.21 (Ad-Free) APK

Solar energy calculator

The Solar Master application is based on overcoming the hurdles that new green energy users may face to build solar energy systems, for example: it can facilitate solar calculations, save time and effort and guide users through the necessary steps in an orderly fashion when they start building a solar power system.

SolarMaster allows solar engineers to easily get the correct angle and orientation of solar panels in the field or how to connect batteries and solar panels.

SolarMaster is a solar power calculator application for solar system component requirements such as number of solar panels and batteries required, size of inverter / UPS and controller charger, and also how to connect panels solar cells and batteries in series and parallel depending on the system / inverter voltage.

-Solar Master accurately calculates the requirements of solar power systems with several options available to the user.
Solar Master is a solar power application which will make you professional in solar system field.
It can help you create great looking solar power system designs.

Application functions:
1- Calculate the needs of the solar system.
2- Solar radiation and cumulative production of panels.
3- Orientation and inclination of the solar panels.
4- Connection of solar panels and batteries in series and in parallel and with the MPPT controller.
5- Calculate the consumption of the appliance.
6- Calculation of wire gauge AWG, mm² and SWG & voltage drop.
6- Calculation of voltage losses.
7- Conversion between units of electricity.
8 zone calculations


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