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Speech Assistant AAC v5.7.9.1 (Paid) APK

Speech Assistant is a text-to-speech application for people who have difficulty speaking. For example due to aphasia, ALS, autism, or after a stroke.

With the app you can create categories and phrases which are placed on buttons. With these buttons, you can form messages that can be displayed or spoken by text-to-speech. It is also possible to type any text using the keyboard.
The app is easy to use and can be fully customized to suit your needs and preferences.

For all devices

• The application is available for smartphones and tablets.
• Portrait or landscape mode for all devices.

Categories and Phrases

• Add, edit or delete your own sentences.
• You can create categories to organize your phrases for quick access.
•Long press (optional setting), to easily change the phrase and category buttons.
• Save and restore categories and phrases.

Fully customizable

• The size of buttons, text box and text can be adjusted.
• Different color schemes and you can also create a personal color scheme.

Full screen

• Display your message in full screen mode with a very large font.
• Useful for communicating in a noisy environment.

Other features

• Connect a bluetooth keyboard and create shortcuts for the Speak, Erase and Display functions.
• Button to share the text of your message by email, social networks.
•Option to prevent double tapping by disabling the button (for a short time) after touching it.
• Cancel option if you accidentally hit the delete button.
• Audible attention button.


The voice is not part of the app, but the app uses the voice which is installed on your device. For example, ‘Google Text-to-Speech’ voices. You can change the voice in your device settings. You can also download other voices from the Google Play Store.

Feedback and information
For feedback, questions, advice or problems, please contact: android@asoft.nl
Website: www.asoft.nl

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