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Speech to Text : Voice Notes & Voice Typing App v1.8 (Pro) (Unlocked) APK

Description of the application

Speech to Text – Voice Notes Voice Typing is a dynamic mobile phone application for users who frequently use typing or need to take notes. This app will quickly pick up your voice and convert it to text. You can enjoy the ease of converting long audio conversation to notes or text with this beautiful app. This voice recognition app is effective in recognizing and converting into text form quickly. In this speech to text to voice notes app, there are many notable features and options. The main features are as follows.


In voice and text notes, voice typing app includes help for all languages. You speak in any language in the world; it will detect and convert your voice to text or form of notes. So using this app you can convert your voicemail message to any language in the world.

Speech to text is the main feature of this app. You just say your word or phrase, it will convert your voice to text. This application can be useful for professionals to use it. It will convert all your audio dictations to text format and you can use them wherever you want.

Text to speech is another major feature of this app. This application offers you to convert all your texts or notes to audio format. Besides that, you can paste your dictated text and convert it to voice form.

Text Speech: Voice typing can be very useful for people who use mobile chat a lot. If you do, you don’t have to worry. Just download this app and save your precious time.

By installing this text-to-speech application, you can share your texts or your notes with your friends or for other professional use. You can share your notes by messaging, Whats app, Facebook, Twitter, Viber and email, etc.

Supported Languages ​​for Arabic Text Speech in Kuwait, Arabic Audio Dictation in Qatar, Arabic Voice Notes United Arab Emirates, Audio Algerian Arabic Speech Recognition, Arabic Notes in Saudi Arabia, Arabic Voice Typing Egypt , Text to Speech in Afrikaans, Convert Audio Text in Basque, Audio Transcription in Bulgarian, Talk Audio Recognition in Catalan, Dictate Text in Czech, Speech to Text in Dutch, Notes Speak in Australian English, Convert Audio to Text in Indian English , New Zealand English audio dictation, South African English voice notes, British English audio transcription, US English audio speech recognition, Finnish voice input, French dictation, German text to speech, Hindi text to speech , voice recognition in italian, notes in indonesian, chinese speech recognition, converting speech to text in turkish, typing in spanish, text to speech in Urdu and many other languages.

This is all languages ​​of voice typing app, it can be used as voice typing keyboard, because you won’t need any keyboard. You’re just going to type with your voice. Hence, it works as a voice dictator. This amazing voice typing app can be used to save the entered text as voice notes. These notes can be edited later.

Download your lyrics in text and voice notes using voice typing and eliminate any manual use of typing or dictation.

Also give us feedback on this app. you will be greatly appreciated.


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