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SpeedCN v4.1.9 (Unlimited Trials) APK

SpeedCN MOD APK is a back home accelerator designed specifically for overseas Chinese. After you turn on the acceleration with one key, it will be accelerated when you visit mainland China abroad, and you can quickly access websites and apps in mainland China as if you were in China.

To expedite the global Chinese diaspora to mainland China:
– High speed lines: huge nodes covering the world and high quality return lines;
– Intelligent routing: real-time optimization of the transmission path, the network will never be “crowded”;
– High reliability: automatically avoid congestion, no single point of failure, stable and reliable.

Open the SpeeCN APP, one-key acceleration, fast and convenient:
– Fast and stable: Internet speed is very fast and stable, and free users can also watch HD videos smoothly;
– Non-HTTP proxy: All applications on the device are efficiently accelerated to mainland China in the whole process, defeating the HTTP proxy mode;
– Privacy protection: high-strength end-to-end encryption algorithm, don’t worry about data interception.

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