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Sprouts Money Expense Tracker v9.3.1 (Premium) APK

Sprouts Money Manager helps you efficiently monitor your financial activity. Its simple design makes it light, simple and very easy to use. This is done with one click, as you don’t need to fill in anything except the amount. You only need a few SECONDS a day to save the amount and each spending goal. No matter where you are, a few clicks will save your expenses.

Main characteristics:

Easy to use, clean and intuitive expense and income tracking
• Intuitive and easy to use user interface. No redundancy Add new records extremely quickly.

Expenses and income tracking
• Easily record the transaction to track where your money is coming and going.

The whole image in one place
•A clear view of your financial life. Better understand where your money is coming and going thanks to visualized reports on income, expenses by period and by category.


Pie chart of expenses / income
• Consult the distribution of your expenses on the pleasant and informative graph or obtain, display your transactions grouped by categories.

Budget and invoice organization
• Organization of invoices by week, month and year as well as by categories. Register all items in one transaction with different category and amount.

•Set reminders so you can record transactions every day.

No advertising, free
• Sprouts Money Manager can be used free of charge, without advertising.

Money management is always complicated and most of the time you wonder where all your money has gone. Fortunately, our simple personal finance app can help you easily manage your money and track your spending. You can stay in control of your money anytime, anywhere.

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