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Step Counter Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter v1.2.8 (Full Mod) APK

◉ Pro Features Unlocked

This pedometer uses the sensor built into your phone to count your steps. No GPS tracking, which saves battery effectively. It also monitors your calories burned, your walking distance, and your times, among other things. All of this information is displayed clearly in graphics.

Just tap the start button and it will start counting your steps. Whether your phone is in your hand, bag, pocket or armband, it can automatically record your steps even when your screen is locked.

Save battery
This step counter uses the built-in sensor to count your steps. No GPS tracking, so it consumes little of your battery.

No functionality locked
All features are 100% free. You can use them all without having to pay a dime.

100% private
No login is required. We never collect your personal data and we never share your information with third parties.

Start, pause and restart
You can start and pause step counting at any time to save battery power. The app will stop updating statistics in the background once it is paused. And you can restart the number of steps for the day and start from zero if you want.

Fashion design
This step counter was designed by our team awarded the Google Best of 2016. The clean design makes it easy to use.

Report Charts
Report charts are one of the most innovative and they are designed specifically for mobile devices, all with the goal of helping you keep track of your walking data. You can view your statistics for the last 24 hours, as well as your weekly and monthly statistics in the graphs.

Colorful themes
Several colorful themes are under development. You can choose your favorite to enjoy your step counting experience with this counter.


+ To ensure the accuracy of the step count, please enter correct information in the settings, as this will be used to calculate your walking distance and calories burned.
+ Of course, you can adjust the sensitivity to allow the pedometer to calculate steps more accurately.
+ Due to the power saving routines of some devices, they stop counting steps as soon as the screen is locked.
+ Step counting is not available for devices with older versions of Android when their screens are locked. This is not a bug. We are sorry to say this, but have no solution for this problem.

Free pedometer
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Free walking pedometer in french
You need this free walking pedometer in French! The application has a professional French localization and brings a fabulous experience for you. Try a free walking pedometer in French to check your daily steps and calories burned.

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Free step counter
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