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Strava v355.16 (Unlocked)

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Strava: the # 1 application for multi-sport activity!

Turn your smartphone into a sports coach who will motivate you by defining your time cycles and exercise cycles!

Progress guaranteed with the Strava counter! Analyze your performance and progress, and get personalized monitoring for your favorite sports.

Record your progress, share the map of your favorite mountain bike trail, and analyze your running or fitness sessions using all your statistics, all for free!

Weekend hikes, simple bike rides, or marathon training? Harness the full power of your smartphone or GPS watch for your cycling, swimming or running sessions with Strava. Discover new routes, new maps with Strava and you too join the millions of members who indulge in their favorite multi-sport activities like fitness, mountain biking, marathon and more. !

Multi-sport activities to practice in 3 ways:

1. Running: record your running sessions and your distance. Track maps, pace, speed, elevation gain and calories burned and record your progress.
2. Maps: Map your routes for both running and cycling (cycling, mountain biking) on ​​the world’s largest network of routes.
3. Sports & Training: Push your limits with a monthly challenge then compare your effort and progress with your friends and other Strava members.

Distance and height meter for multi-sport activities:

– Track your running, cycling and swimming routes: compare your performance and progress over time.
– For each exercise cycle or training cycle, read your distance, track your pace, speed, elevation gain, and calories burned.
– Cycling computers, running computers, swimming computers and GPS watches: connect one of the 300 devices compatible with Strava.

Track your running, fitness or swimming sessions and stimulate your training cycles:

• Is your marathon or fitness training stagnating? Track your progress throughout your multi-sport activities and benefit from a tailor-made training plan with Strava.
Swimming or running: define your next challenge and you will get tailor-made training plans. Calculate your distance and set your own time cycle or segment goals and progress.
• Turn your computer or watch into a personal trainer for fitness or marathon training and keep track of each exercise cycle.

Far from being limited to running or cycling, Strava allows you to follow a whole range of sports:

• Swimming
• Hiking
• Alpine skiing
• CrossFit
• Kayaking
• Climbing
• Surf
• Yoga
• Indoor running
• Indoor cycling

… and many others !


For recording Strava activities, a GPS device is required. On some devices, the GPS function is faulty and Strava will not be able to transcribe the data efficiently. If your Strava route records are not accurate enough, try updating your operating system to the latest version. Some devices consistently experience problems with no known potential for improving GPS performance.


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