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StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log v3.0.11 Pro Mod APK

StrongLifts is the easiest weight training tracker to get stronger. Follow our free strength training program or create your own routine. Simply download the app and record your workouts to get results.

Here’s what the StrongLifters are saying:

▸ “” Best fitness app I’ve used (and yes, I’ve tried most of them) “”
▸ “Much more user-friendly than other apps that complicate things” ”
▸”” I love this app because it thinks for me so I can focus on lifting “”
▸ “” Simple, easy to use. Fewer taps needed to record your workouts “”
▸ “” So useful. We use it every time we lift at home. We would be lost without this app !! “”
▸ “” Used for years. Simple and efficient. I got stronger and much better in my form. “”
▸ “” Best app for strength gains. Super easy to use. Delete your other apps, that’s it! “”
▸ “” I have been using it for 4 years. I have tried other apps but can never stick to them like I do with StrongLifts “”
▸ “” Built for ease of use. Just download it and check it out and you’ll understand! ”

Simple and easy to use

√ Clean and intuitive interface
√ Minimum amount of taps to record workouts
√Quickly record reps and sets in the gym without typing
√ Not complicated and bloated like most workout apps
Created by a powerlifter that includes lifting

All the thinking, follow-up and planning is done for you

Keep track of progress for you
√ Tells you what to do during the next workout
Automatically increases weights for you
Eliminate all thoughts of going to the gym
Just follow what StrongLifts says
Focus more on your training

Actual results

√ Proven principles of progressive overload
Automatic weight increase to keep you pushing yourself
√Free StrongLifts 5×5 weight training program
Videos and instructions to improve your form
√ Easy to follow and stay on track

Free features

Simple, easy to use and clean interface
√Free StrongLifts 5×5 weight training program
Automatic weight increase to push you
√ Automatic unloading to help you break the trays
√ Automatic unloading after lifting stoppage
√Automatic sleep timer to stay focused
√ Workout planner to plan workouts
√ History to review your progress
Graphics to stay motivated
√ Notes to remember things to work on
√Sync your workouts with Google Fit
√ Support for lb and kg weight units
√ Automatic saving of training data

Professional features

Record any bodybuilding and weight training routine
Create your own workouts, exercises and sets / reps
√ +100 exercises to choose from – dumbbells, bodyweight, dumbbells etc.
√ +100 exercise videos with instructions to learn the right form
√Warm-up calculator: with how much weight to warm up
Plates calculator: which plates to put on the bar
√ Ramp sets, pyramid sets, top / back sets, etc.
Pay a monthly or annual subscription. Or pay once for lifetime access.

The best bodybuilding app
√ Featured by Google repeatedly, including in TV commercials
Top Rated Weightlifting Tracker – 4.9 Stars, +89,000 Reviews
√ Over 3.4 million weightlifters have started their strength journey with StrongLIfts
√191+ billion pounds raised by StrongLifters since 2011


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