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Swift Dark Substratum Theme v318 (Paid) APK

Swift Dark is a Substratum theme with over 200 handcrafted overlays, using a selected shade of dark gray for the backgrounds and preserving the original accent and primary colors of the app wherever possible. It supports the following systems:

– ROMs based on Android AOSP Nougat, Oreo, Pie and Android 10
– OnePlus Oreo, Pie and Android 10
– Samsung Nougat, Oreo and Pie
– Nexus Nougat and Oreo
– Pixel Oreo and Pie
– LineageOS
+ option to select your preferred system accent on Pie, Oreo and Nougat OMS!


– List of supported applications: https://goo.gl/tfiFQH

– Documentation – MUST READ FULLY BEFORE USING: https://kutt.it/swift

– Support channel (telegram): https://kutt.it/swifttelegram

ROOT or PLUGINS requirement:

• Root and plugin requirements are set by the Substratum theme engine and how overlays work on Android, NOT by theme code!
– Nougat: you will need root, or a custom ROM ready for OMS. On Samsung Nougat, you will need a separate paid add-on developed by the Substratum team.
– Oreo: you will need root, or a custom Sysserv ROM, or a separate and paid add-on developed by the Substratum team to theme without root by enabling Substratum via ADB.
– Samsung Pie ONLY FOR S9, S9 +, NOTE 9: You can either root your device or use the separate and paid add-on developed by the Substratum team to create a rootless theme by enabling Substratum through ADB.
– Pie: you need to root your device to use any Substratum theme on it! This of course includes any other Samsung Pie device.
– Android 10: you need to root your device to use any Substratum theme on it! We currently support OxygenOS and AOSP ROMs.



1: Make sure you have everything you need to use the Substratum Theme Engine.

2: Download the Substratum theme engine app and the theme. When you open the Substratum app, you will find the theme inside.

3: Open the theme in the Substratum app and select your system from the menu at the top. Then select the apps you want to thematize and proceed with the installation.

4: Wait until all overlays are installed and then restart.

If you are using Oreo or Pie, you may need to enable all overlays in the “Manager” of the Substratum app after you install the overlays and restart for them to work properly. Be sure to read the detailed instructions in the documentation!

!! Do not forget to uninstall all overlays before updating your firmware (OTA) !!

Update and troubleshooting instructions are available here: https://kutt.it/swiftsubsinstallation


NEED HELP? If you need help, please contact us on Telegram or email and we will help you personally depending on the system you are using. PLEASE do not report bugs in the review system as it is much easier for us to help you via chat or email.


If you’ve downloaded the app and can’t use it, you can refund it from the Play Store within 2 hours from mobile and 48 hours from desktop as long as it was your first purchase. You can also email us your GPA order number code within 48 hours of your purchase so that we can send the refund request to Google Play where possible.

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