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TeamViewer QuickSupport v15.35.156 Latest APK

TeamViewer QuickSupport is an application installed to allow experts to easily support phone issues. By calling based on their girlfriends ID and password, technicians can access the device’s screen and troubleshoot problems without using the phone directly. Simply enter the ID and password to instantly establish a connection and start the remote control. Hurry up and fix your phone yourself!

Remote control of another device
TeamViewer QuickSupport was developed to allow you to remotely control your phone with another phone or computer. The prerequisite for this is that the application has been downloaded on both devices (console and console). Unlock your phone and get the ID and password. It will appear as soon as you open the app.

So even if you don’t know what the app does or how to use it, you can still use it and ask for repairs. Give the ID and password to the partner who wants to control your device. The user will receive a notification about granting remote access from another server. I agree that I can do the following: Operators can access all the software on the phone without using the phone directly. This means that you have been given access to all the data and information on your device. Users can monitor the access process of others. You will receive a new ID and password each time you access the application. You’re Unsteady Thanks to this app, technicians can access phones and troubleshoot problems even when you’re hundreds of miles away.

Clipboard and repair methods
The interface of TeamViewer QuickSupports is simple and easy to understand with clear sections. It is just an intermediate application to connect control communication between two devices. So every subsequent run is user dependent. Usage history and repair instructions are stored in the clipboard and can be accessed by the user in case of problems. When the user accesses the application, the clipboard is automatically cleared after a certain period of time.

Users can connect from this app to migrate data, delete data, etc. Another device also does not need to directly control the installation or uninstallation of software. It is worth noting the WiFi connection. This is a necessary condition for both devices because without WiFi they cannot connect. Secure your connection to ensure all operations run smoothly without interruption.

Display information very securely
All device information, including account information, can be accessed without a special password. This is convenient and unfavorable for the user. Maybe you’re working with a repair technician, terminology, or an app on your phone that you’re not familiar with, and their instructions aren’t easy to follow. With TeamViewer QuickSupport, a technician can quickly do it themselves after receiving their ID and password. However, your data may also be exposed, so please monitor and report the use of this app by administrators immediately to protect your privacy.

However, the security of the application is also high, so there is no need to be afraid of data theft. First, this app will not randomly access and steal your personal information on your phone. In addition, operations involving personal data are indicated by the application before execution. If you don’t want to connect, you can cancel it right away and fix the connection. User interests come first!

– The application acts as a bridge that creates a copy of your phone on the interface of another device.
– Enter the ID and password shown in the application so that the operator can quickly access and solve the problems on your phone.
Allows the console to access all applications and settings of the users phone. All operations are stored in the clipboard.
Monitor the progress of the repair process. If you don’t want to continue, click on the internal link to stop and stop the repair process whenever you want.
– Protection of personal information and data from copying and theft through claims to allow access before every important action.


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