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The Great Courses Plus – Online Learning Videos v5.4.5 (Premium) APK

We have the holy month again. It is time to increase our worship and strengthen our faith. Let’s commit to making the most of this month, and even later months of the year, to achieve self-improvement. God made us able to fast with his true souls. Trustworthy.

🕌 100% Muslim. Get local prayer notification / timings, read Quran, find Qibla direction from anywhere 🕌

If you are looking for an app that provides accurate local prayer times, azan, Qibla direction and even is able to read the Qur’an online and offline, Muslim Go is the app for you!

not enough? We have over 15 different functions to help you perform your daily worship.

Muslim Go app features:

Prayer times can be changed manually or automatically according to your preference.
– Adzan call that appears with the alert
– Qibla direction finder calibrated with your phone
– Halal restaurant finder

🗺️ Use from anywhere

The prayer time depends on your current location and can be changed from automatic to manual. There is even a Qibla direction finder if you are not sure which direction.

Online or over the Internet. Did not matter
The Muslim GO app includes the Quran, even a list of daily and daily supplications that you can download for later reading, and even an audio (.mp3) if you just want to listen.

🤳 More than just jobs

Aside from its functionality, we also have articles, videos, and postcards posted daily for you to read, comment, save and even share.

🗺️ Multilanguage

Since we operate from Malaysia and Indonesia, we offer these two local languages ​​and an international version to all Muslims around the world.

🔒 Data protection

Regardless of the need for your location for prayer times, Muslim Go does not collect data from its users so you can use it without fear of surveillance, tracking, or data leakage.


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