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The Stoic v4.0.6 (Mod) APK

✪ Pro Features Unlocked

The Stoic Life can feel incredibly difficult and downright chaotic at times when we stumble through our environment every now and then. It’s all a big part of what it means to be a human being.

We have developed all kinds of escape mechanisms to avoid pain and sorrow, but somehow it still catches up with us. This is especially true when we are completely alone with our thoughts.

The Stoic Pro MOD APK is a simple app that conveys the stoicism practitioners of Marcus Aurelius Seneca Epictetus and many others who have studied and researched for a century.

Hopefully these valuable quotes have given you thoughts about your situation, or maybe you just want a reminder to think about the day. Either way, it’s good to learn from them.

Stoicism may guide you into a less chaotic world and into a better state of mind. The choice is yours alone.

✔ Marcus Aurelius
✔ Seneca
✔ Zeno
✔ Gaius Musonius Rufus
✔ Herocles

✔ Dark Mode
✔ Bookmark your favorite quotes
✔Share your best quotes to your loved ones
✔ Daily notifications
✔ Watch offline when there is no internet connection
✔Say quotes aloud as you wish
✔ Simple user interface
✔ Learn about philosophers
✔Full screen quotes to consider
✔ Search quotes
✔ Library modules for further study
✔Recommended books on learning Stoicism
✔ poetry
✔ Read books (moral letter to Lucilius and about the transience of life)

Are you making lemonade with the lemons you get? Or do you just want to hide in a corner and cry? Instead of being a victim of life, use your strength to overcome it and know yourself.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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