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Tingles ASMR – Relaxing & Soothing Sleep Sounds v3.4.0 (Premium) APK


Discover ASMR, a new way to relax and fall asleep. More calming than meditation. More calming than white noise. This is the biggest trend in relaxation.

Tingles is the best way to take advantage of ASMR. The best artists of ASMR. No ads. Listen while your screen is off and more.


– hundreds of ASMR artists
– no ads
– listen while your screen is off
– sleep timer
– download videos
– better video graphics
– selected playlists
– audio mode only
– chat with artists
– support artists


ASMRs are videos of personal attention and soothing sounds like whispers, tapping, chills, or various sounds of a calming nature like sounds of water, ocean, waves and rain. They trigger an amazing tingling sensation that helps you relax. Every day, millions of people around the world rejoice in ASMR. They listen to relax, reduce stress and anxiety, meditate, sleep better, and live happier lives.


– effective sleep aid, remedy for insomnia
– better sleep
– relief of stress and anxiety
– ideal for meditation and relaxation
– improve mindfulness and concentration.

Are you an ASMR artist? You can join Tingles at https://www.gettingles.com/partners

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