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Titan Booster – Instantly Speed Up Your Phone v4.5 (PRO) Apk

Now download the Android booster, because nowhere else will you find so many diverse and useful functions in just one throttle program just ️

We present to you an updated version of the accelerator for Android, 🥳 it contains many useful functions, such as cleaning memory, cooling phone, clearing cache and garbage, speeding up phone and speeding up programs, correct errors, optimization and booster programs.

We will tell you more about these features: ♨️


If the phone crashes often, loads apps, sites for a long time, you need to speed up your gadget urgently, first check how many tabs or apps you have open at the same time and close the ones which are not needed, then you need to enter app settings and select a booster and click on it, after speeding up your phone performance, it will run faster and more efficiently.

🤔 It is helpful to do this acceleration at least once a day to keep your gadget running smoothly. Also during program acceleration, it automatically deletes the cache. 📈


Often times after deleting apps, documents and games, the cache remains on the phone, which takes up a lot of memory and interferes with the good performance of the phone.

😬 To solve this problem, you need to use a cleaner, just choose “clean cache” in settings, also don’t forget to delete cache immediately with removing programs or files.

Because we all know that simple yet effective garbage collection can solve multiple problems at once🗑

Also don’t forget about media and video files, using the accelerator app you can not only clear cache, but also clean memory, as there is no extra memory on the phone.

☝🏻 To do this, using the accelerator for Android, you can choose from thousands of identical photos dozens of the highest quality, clean unnecessary and thus significantly free up space in RAM🖼


It is also sometimes very important to optimize the work of the phone and the apps, it will help to fix errors, clean the cache and keep them running without errors or crashes. It protects your phone and fixes various kinds of issues.

In the modern world, we cannot do anything without smartphones and technology. But often the phones only work well in the first 2-3 years and then the problems start.
A smartphone can slow down, apps and programs crash, memory / RAM is constantly full, the phone overheats and much more. To solve these problems, which annoy you so much, it is not necessary to immediately run to the store and buy a new phone for the last money or give half the cost of the phone to the master to fix it.
You just need to install the desired accelerator app, which will not only help you speed up the phone, but also monitor your smartphone performance and fix issues instantly. Android Booster can become the best app for you because it is not only an ordinary accelerator, it also has many useful functions that will help you to solve problems without installing lots of different memory-hungry apps.

——————- —

What’s New:

– bugs fixing

☆PRO features unlocked

——————- —

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