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TonalEnergy Tuner and Metronome v1.9.4 (Paid) APK

This app offers a set of practice tools as well as funny and relevant comments to all musicians, pro or beginners, who sing, play an instrument (brass, woodwinds or strings). Much more than a tuner!

TonalEnergy, the best-selling music practice app

◾ It is all-in-one, equipped with a state-of-the-art tuner, advanced metronome, string instrument tuning page, piano keyboard, analysis pages. It allows you to make audio / video recordings.
◽ It is easy to use. Options like target tuning or tone tracking are on all main pages. You will be able to set goals that are achievable in rehearsal or when you work alone. Data analysis and audio / video recordings enhance the experience.

◾ The avant-garde metronome offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of sound choices, tempo settings, beat and subdivision patterns, and visual displays. Voice counts, the ability to create and edit presets, and the Ableton link to sync multiple devices make this a superior tool.
◽ The possibilities for training your ear are endless. The exceptional quality multi-sampled symphonic instrument sounds are unique compared to other tuning apps. Listening skills can be developed with the eight-octave keyboard, color wheel, and tone generator.
◾ Learning is a social activity. With TonalEnergy’s unique options, you can collect, study, edit, and share data. Comments are essential for progress. Stay Connected!

Chris Coletti, member of the Canadian Brass, sums up TonalEnergy:

“TonalEnergy is a must for any serious musician. It’s a complete set of tools in one app. The tuner, tone generator, recorder, metronome and a great interface make this one of the best tools for musicians, that’s all. ”


◾ Wide range of tones, down to registers lower than those of competing apps (C0 – C8), very responsive to wind instruments as well as those with acoustic and electric strings
◽ Reference La = 440 Hz adjustable
◾ Auto transposition options. or manual
◽ Instant changes between equal, righteous, personalized temperaments
or user defined

◾ Auto functionality. or instantaneous pitch of the reference note thanks to TonalEnergy sounds
◽ Extensive tuning list for all stringed instruments and many more options than its competing apps
◾ Expandable eight-octave piano keyboard provides many key aspects of tuner functions
◽ Chromatic tone generator with auto vibrato. optional
◾ Frequency and harmonic energy graphs as well as a multifunction wave
◽ A metronome that matches or exceeds that of other apps
◾ Scoring options (standard English, music theory, North European and Indian)

◽ Bluetooth and input / output support
◾ Audio and video recordings with possibility of modification, looping,
◽ Compatible with external microphones and clip-on vibration detectors
◾ Support for external display of videos
◽ Support for external MIDI keyboard control

◾ Universal app supporting all device orientations


• Piccolo, flute
• Oboe, English horn, bassoon
• Clarinet in A, B flat, E flat, bass clarinet
• Soprano, alto, tenor and baritone sax
• Trumpet
• Horn
• Tenor and bass trombone
• Euphonium and tuba
• Square wave, sawtooth and sine wave
• Organ
• Plucked strings

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