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Translate – Voice Conversation & Camera Translator v1.0.5 (Pro) APK

Voice & Camera Translator, which can be used as a dictionary.
When you travel to another country and you don’t know the language?
Are you translating a word and you don’t know what each word means?
It’s perfect for quickly translating texts on your phone or tablet. With this translator you will not have any communication problems.
Best translator app for all language translations to translate your words. Free voice translation to translate everything. Learn native languages ​​easy with translator app and learn Italian language or Russian language using easy language learning app. Speak and Translator include fast text to speech translation function, easy voice to text translation function.

Languageless translator allows speaking to translate and simple voice translation which allows you to take notes easily from speaking translator. Voice translator can speak all languages, speak English to Spanish translator app and learn all languages. Don’t worry, use all language translators to translate word pronunciation from language translator app. Speak translate any voice language and language translator detects English to any language translation app in modern world. Using an American language translator you can translate anything in any language like English to Russian translator or Spanish translator and many more.

Voice Translator helps you learn to speak translate all languages ​​and their meanings with learning words. Free American translation app with voice translator to translate Spanish to English. All Languages ​​Translator App is the best app for easy and fast translation and translating using camera translation function. Speak anything with the voice translator and translate in the languages ​​of the world. Language learning app can be used as how to speak to translate anything. All language translation keyboard for the functioning translator suitable for multilingual learners. Translate the app for free, learn any language to travel the world and communicate anywhere.

=> Main characteristics

1) Text translation

Real-time text translation for sentences and words

2) Voice translation

Real-time voice translation to text and audio

3) Conversation translation

Speak in another’s language simultaneously when talking one-to-one with a stranger

4) Camera and image translation

Automatic recognition and translation of image text by taking a photo and pressing the button.

5) Text-to-speech

It can help children who have difficulty reading.
Great language translator app gives you the best translation in one.

All language translators have:

Free Malay translation
Arabic language learning app
English to French translator
English-Spanish translator
Spanish-Italian translator
English-Russian translator
Chinese translation
Hindi translation app
Korean translation app
Arabic translation app
Free Dutch to German translation
Cantonese translation app
Spanish to Dutch translation

Translation from Spanish to Portuguese.

All Language Translator Keyboard is the best online sound translator and interpreter for simple English to Spanish translation.

The free translator app offers a fun and effective way to memorize vocabulary.
Voice translator app improves your language learning skills and provides all in one translation.
Learn the language translate how to speak any language translator and learn Spanish language from English Spanish translator app.

Free voice translator app is audio supported speech and translates voice translator on your phone.

– Simple user interface (easy to use for the translator)
– Listen to the translated text, the sentence in multiple languages
– Social Media – Easily share with your friends and family.
– Traductor para ayudar
– User-friendly material design easy to use for all users.
– if you are a student, tourist or traveler, this will help you learn the language!
– Copy the translated text using a button.
– You can translate using your voice.
– Translator interpreter
– You can listen to the translations.


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