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Translator All Languages – Free Voice Text Translate v1.0.9 (PRO) Apk


Translator All Languages-Free text translate is a user-friendly translator app for all languages. This Translator app is one of the best Free Translator apps of 2021.

Main features of the free translation application for all languages

All language translator and voice translation apps are a basic need when touring abroad. This translator app can translate over 100 languages. This language translator app provides features like text translator, voice translator, voice recognition translator voice chat in more than 100 languages. It translates into all languages.

Conversation translation app

This feature of all language translator apps allows you to communicate in all languages. Tap on the conversation screen, select the translator languages ​​you want to communicate in and start speaking. It automatically talks about the translation. Translate and speak easily in different languages. Free translation app in all languages ​​to communicate in any language. Speak and translate in any language.

Translate and save

Use the History tab to save the translations. You can save your translation content in the history. Go to the translator screen, translate any text, tap the star and save the translation.
Use all languages ​​of the speak translation app to translate feature to translate words from any language to any local language.

Voice Translator Voice and message translation app

With this translator All languages ​​Free voice speak translated text speak any language, voice language finder translator will translate spoken language to English or all languages. In this way, you can translate anytime into any international languages ​​just by saying the words.

Text translator in all languages

This free all languages ​​translator app also includes a text to voice translator. Language Translator Free Voice Text Translate All Languages ​​is simple and free translator app. You can translate and speak any language with the voice translator function of the translator app. It supports multilingual translator and multilingual chat.
List of all languages ​​supported by the All Languages ​​Translator app

Afrikaans language, Albanian language, Arabic language translation app, Azerbaijani language, Basque, Bengali language translation app, Belarusian, Bulgarian language, Catalan language, Traditional Chinese language, Croatian language, Czech language, Danish language, Dutch language, app English Language Translation, Esperanto Language, Estonian Language, Filipino Language Translator, Finnish Language, French Language Translation App, Georgian Language, German Language, Greek Language, Gujarati Language, Haitian Creole Language, Hebrew, Language Translation App Hindi,

Hungarian language, Icelandic language, Indonesian language translator app, Irish language, Italian language, Japanese language, Korean language translation app, Latin language, Latvian language, Lithuanian language, Macedonian language, Malay language, Maltese language, Norwegian language , Persian language, Polish language, Portuguese language, Romanian language, r usse Language translation app, Serbian language, Slovak language ge, Slovenian language, Spanish language translator, Swahili language, Swedish language, Tamil language, Telugu language, Thai language, Turkish language translation app, Ukrainian language, translator app Urdu language, Vietnamese language, Welsh language, Xhosa language, Yiddish language, Yoruba Language, Zulu language, Kyrgyz language, Lao language, Luxembourgish language.

Translation and translation functionality in all languages

Use free speech and text translator and all languages ​​translator. Easy language translator as free all languages ​​translator. Take advantage of Translator app and translate all languages ​​and voice translator for free. Language Translator provides online translation. Translator All Languages ​​2021 and Voice Text Translate. Speak and translate by voice with all languages ​​translator. Language text translation and voice translation. Multilingual translator app for language translator and voice translation.

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