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Ultra Flash Alerts: Blink Flash Alert on Call, SMS v1.1.6 (Pro) APK

Looking for a cool phone notification tool? Ultra flash alerts app provides efficient and optimized way for hd flashlight on incoming calls and SMS. The flashing flash notification app also has the function of turning on the phone’s flashLight. The application is compatible with the latest versions of Android.

Main characteristics of ultra flash alerts: Blink Flash Alert on Call, SMS

– Flashing flashlight on incoming call and SMS
– Turn on the HD FlashLight
– Ultimate flash light blink can be set for Normal, Silent, Vibrate
– Optimized flash
– Adjust the number of flashes
– Set flash on and flash off time
– Adjust the delay interval between the number of flashes

Devices supported by this flash notification app

Devices with the following Android versions are supported

– Android 3,4,5,6,6.0.1,7,8,9,10
– Almost 100% Android phones with flash hardware are supported

Required permissions

– Camera access permission is required to activate flash, as flash is associated with camera hardware, therefore camera permission is required to turn on flash light.

– Phone state authorization is required to get phone state when call comes or sms arrives. So when the call or SMS arrives, the phone starts blinking.

This flashlight app is very productive for those who want to be smart because if you are in a meeting or busy somewhere or a noisy place, this flash notification app will start flashing during incoming calls and sms and you will be warned.
You can turn on the ultimate flashlight in normal mode, or turn on the flashlight in silent mode or turn on the flashlight in vibrate mode.

Do not wait! Take this opportunity and install the wonderful free flash light app “Ultra Flash Alerts: Flash Blink Alert on Call, SMS

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