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Unreal Chemist – Chemistry Lab v100.80 Premium APK

With Unreal Chemist, you can conduct chemistry experiments on your smartphones with an almost identical visual representation of real-world experiments.

You can mix chemicals to see how they react, burn salts in colorful flames, and heat things up to see what colors it emits.

There are over 150 chemicals available to experiment with and over 750 unique experiment simulations.


– Adjustment of the concentration and quantity of reagents.

– Regulate the reaction temperature.

– Modify temperatures in precipitation reactions and see the effect of
temperatures on solubility.

– Slowdown / Fast forward.

– Check the PH and the change of PH in a reaction, using indicators.

– Ignite the flammable gases formed during the reaction.


Some reactions you will do in Unreal Chemist are extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury if done in person.

Even though most of the reactions are accurate in the real world, some reactions may be theoretical as the physical verification of some reactions is not complete at this time.

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