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Vanced Kit for VideoTube Block All Ads v2.5.1.1 Apk

A special kit developed by Seven, Chiwe, JS.

More convenient installation, no advertising, no need for microG.

Support multiple languages: Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc.

Install NOW ⏬
Enjoy unlimited Vanced Tube videos, remove ads!


– No ads in the middle of the video
– No need to install other plug-ins, such as microG, Vanced Manager
– Maximum resolution of active videos by default.
– Floating pop-up play mode
– Enjoy free music with Video Tube
– Discover free music with tons of preset genres: popular music, hip hop, rock, classical, R & B, jazz, disco, country and more

How to use Vanced Kit – Block all ads for you Vanced?

A: Just like opening the tube app, open the app to browse videos or search for videos, you will find the video is completely ad-free, all the ads have been removed.

How to install Vanced Kit Non-root variant without Video Tube Vanced Manager?

A: Find Vanced Kit – Block all ads for Tube Vanced and install it.

Which Vanced video tube should I choose: root or nonroot?
A: We provide a completely non-root version of Vanced Kit. You can install it on google play.

What is the Vanced kit?
A: As stated on the Vanced Kit, the Vanced Kit is “a well-known modified version of the Video tube with lots of features like ad blocking and background playback and many more.”

Why is it Kit so popular?
A: There are a lot of things that made this app so popular. You can mostly feel like you’re using a normal tube app, but a premium version of it. You have a lot of great things which can help you use this app. Currently, this app is only available for Android, but it has gained popularity only among Android users.

📛 Note:

1. Vanced Kit – Video Player is a third party tube API. The content of the videos comes from API services.
2. Vanced Kit complies with API Terms of Use.
3. In accordance with YouTube’s terms of service, we are not permitted to display videos from YouTube in locked mode, nor to allow you to download songs.


What’s New?

Support live streaming
Fix some inappropriate language translations
Fix some bugs


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