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Voice Changer & Auto Tuner v1.0.3.3 (Pro) APK

Voice Changer: Autotune allows you to re-speak your voice and change its timbre. Autotune Voice Changer is installed on Android smartphones. The voice changer program has many useful revision tools: automatic tuning changes the pitch of a male to a female robot and vice versa, recording in a record factor voice encoder. Best Tuning Available in Auto Tuning Voice Changer:

self-adjusting voice changer;
Auto adjust
Super Bass Booster
the modulator.
Broadcast sound effect
sound echo.

Voice Recorder is in no way inferior to other generator apps in terms of editor features: Parodist; Speech Module; Grimace; Robot; Pretend. The set of voice changer apps is a scary tradition. With the help of auto-adjusting filters, you can prank your friends and co-workers. The main advantage of the editor is that you can use it to re-express screams, drastically change the pitch of the bell, and frighten range effect. Autotune allows you to edit it in a completely different style.

(Make it rougher, louder, adding echo intermittently.) Music. Variations and dramatic shifts in the feminine and masculine shades may require more than just impressions. A typical example is music recording. In it, much attention is paid to the quality of the voice of a boy or girl singer, whose timbre fascinates the audience. A special simulator is often used: Autotune. The effect of any voice changer allows you to improve the sound quality, making it softer, smoother and more pleasing to the ear.

It is present in the works of famous rappers and musicians. You can do a better job with the best editor filters; construction. Celebrity public figures often use auto-tuning voice changers to change the pitch of their voice. This basically involves a YouTube channel owner who creates animations for fans with the help of an audio recorder.

You can remember hacks that express gameplay in terrifying or frightening vocals. Autotune allows you to do the same for free. Voice recorder features – with the help of the editor you can not replace your voice with a famous character, but you can make it like a robot or a monster, turn female screams into male screams, add echoes; – Autofocus will not help to change pitch during live calls or discord games (you have to record the audio first and then process it with a depth filter in the recorder); – Auto tuning voice changer has limited functions to change music, but you can try to record it. Synthesizer users say that the auto tune recorder works well with alternative songs. With synths, if used correctly, you can achieve a qualitative change.

Main feature of Autotune Voice Changer: Autotune.

1) The auto-tuning voice changer is free, providing full functionality for imitating and creating music;

2) Free auto tuning allows you to use different types of tunes tones and male baby cries from bots;

3) Self-adjusting voice changer with advanced speech synthesizer for voice coding. Lots of special effects available: Modulator, Reverb Studio, Robot, Hoarse Voice, Vocoder Radio. audio distortion in pitch changer, capable of creating false and interesting sounds with automatic tuning;

4) Modifiers for editing finished recordings and audio encoders. Auto tune app helps to record high quality text voice on voice recorder. The mode supports a variety of special effects, and is well implemented in both old and new color renderings. AI processing can radically change the sound quality by automatically adjusting different settings freely. Converter is the best assistant for creating parody music vlogs.


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