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Voice Training Pro – Learn To Sing v123 Enhanced Song Riffs (Full) (Paid) APK

Vocal training professional – learn to sing

– Follow the singing exercises and the app tells you if you are singing in harmony.
– You can enjoy a voice lesson environment where teachers use a piano as a guide for the pitch.
– Piano keys highlight the note you need to sing and the pitch you sing correctly.
– Keep track of your progress and earn stars for good singing.
– Designed in collaboration with professional singing teachers.
– A comprehensive singing training where you effectively learn to sing with perfect pitch, quickly expand your vocal range, and fun exercises for singing in different styles.
– No ads and all content in this Pro version.

sing the notes game

An ideal app for beginners where you can train your voice to sing fast. Great for advanced singers too as the efficient pitch detection shows you exactly how close you are to the perfect pitch.

vocal range

Series of structured exercises from easy to advanced level to expand your vocal range by relaxing your voice.

sing for free

Sing along and the keyboard will highlight the appropriate pitches.
Record and save your singing and play at a later date, seeing how quickly you improve.
Improvise with the beat by selecting the backing track (mp3, wav) from your own music collection.

sing the phrase game

Series of levels and exercises to increase range and perfection. Pitch analysis shows whether singers can sing intervals perfectly.

Take the pitch challenge

Enjoy a fun exercise by seeing how long you can pitch a pitch. Keep track of your progress as the scores are stored for future reference.

Interval test

Practice and be well prepared for your music exams. The app will give immediate information about the ability of singers to sing at specific intervals at different levels.


Quickly learn to sing harmonies with instant feedback and appropriate levels.

vocal agility

Quickly develop your confidence to sing riffs and runs. Follow the famous vocal riffs offered in all styles or program your own exercises. Help with improvisation.

voice training pro – learn To sing


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