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VyprVPN v4.5.2 (Premium) APK

Reclaim your online privacy with VyprVPN’s fast and unlimited virtual private network (VPN). Connect easily on any device to secure your Internet connection, hide your IP address, and protect your personal information and online identity. Access geo-blocked and restricted content without any limitations or download limits from anywhere in the world. Check out some of the features of VyprVPN for Android:

Independent verification of absence of log files

VyprVPN is a certified and independently audited log-free VPN, which means that none of your private data or any other activity is transmitted, controlled or exposed to third parties. We respect the principle of no log files and we will never allow the personal information of our users to be exposed or misused.

 Unlimited content access

Connect to a Wi-Fi network, unlock your favorite content with a secure connection and download your programs and movies with no data limit. Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.

Over 70 global server locations

With over 70 VPN servers across six continents, over 700 servers, and over 200,000 IP addresses worldwide, you have the flexibility to virtually access the web from anywhere in the world.

No crooked third parties

We own, design and manage our VPN servers to provide fast and reliable connections with the highest level of security.

Higher speeds for gaming and streaming

Our upgraded servers ensure increased speeds and shorter connection times for gaming, streaming or downloading. You can forget about the strangulation.

Easy to use on all devices

Laptop, tablet, smartphone, router or even your TV – VyprVPN keeps all your connections safe. The VPN app is available for Android, Windows, iOS, and more.

Powerful unlocking with Chameleon ™ protocol

Bypass any firewall blockages at school, college or when traveling with VyprVPN’s exceptional technology. Our Chameleon ™ protocol encrypts your connection to make sure it is not recognizable by Internet service providers or governments.

Additional security with NAT firewall

With VyprVPN’s NAT firewall, browse and shop online with peace of mind and prevent hackers from accessing your personal information.

• Without advertising!

• 24/7 support, 365 days a year

Still not sure why to use VyprVPN for all your network traffic? Here are our main reasons for you to connect to our VPN app:

– Increase privacy and security – encrypt and secure your web connection, over Wi-Fi or wired, to prevent hackers or third-party spies from seeing your browsing activity.
– Avoid restrictive networks and censorship – avoid school or government censorship, including the “Great Firewall of China”. Create a private tunnel with our VPN to bypass blocks.
– Improve your streaming and gaming experience – remove the bottleneck put in place by your ISP.
– Unblock and access geo-blocked content – choose an IP location from anywhere in the world and access unlimited content.


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