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Wallet: Budget Expense Tracker v8.5.348 (Premium)

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Wallet MOD APK helps you plan your budget and track your expenses, so you can stay in control and succeed in your future projects. Plan and manage your finances actively, with people you trust, with many currencies, banks and institutions. Take full control of your finances. Download Now!

Who should use Wallet

Get rid of your notebooks and spreadsheets, and prepare a clear, easy-to-follow budget for realistic goals. Wallet, from BudgetBakers, isn’t just a money management and expense tracking app.

What makes Wallet unique:

Automatic Bank Account Updates –

Transactions are automatically synced with your bank securely, then intelligently assigned to categories, and included in your budget. With over 4,000 participating banks around the world, you’ll save a lot of time tracking your spending.

Flexible budgets –

these budgets help you plan for the future. Whatever you want to achieve – pay off debt, buy a car, or save for your retirement, Wallet provides the flexibility to meet your goals and respond intelligently to changing circumstances.

Detailed reports –

easy to understand graphs and summaries help you manage your finances, taking into account your various bank accounts, debts and cash reserves.

Shared accounts –

some accounts can be shared with your family, friends, colleagues, for example to follow a budget. Anyone can participate, regardless of the platform, Android, iPhone or on the Internet.

Other features:

support for many currencies, automatic synchronization in the “” cloud “”, tracking of receipts and guarantees, categories and models, geo-localization of transactions, hashtags, shopping list, export to CSV / XLS / PDF, tracking of debt, PIN code, pending orders, notifications, and more.

How to get started with Wallet

* Download the app
* Register with Facebook or Google
*Connect your bank accounts securety
* Now it’s your turn: control your budget and track your expenses!

Free download now!

Wallet is certified by eTrust


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